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Trips, whether with friends or family; ‘Where do you want to go?’ Reluctant reactions to this question – ‘Find a different place’, ‘Destination should be very difficult’, ‘Bored of the same place, space should be offbeat’, but after much discussion and research, the congregation finally decided on ‘Yere Maajya Magalya’ They choose the old place or prefer the famous tourist spot on the recommendation of many. No matter how many different ways you feel about it, there are many questions and doubts about it, so if you want to go on a daily train ride, you are a complete stranger, where not many people have gone, where all the facilities are available, and most importantly, what to do and what to do. Places that are not known are of course not selected. In fact, why do we go on a trip? To get rid of the usual stressful cycle, to see and experience something different than usual, but not to know much, not to think of tourist destinations on a slightly different route. There are also places that are often out of the limelight near popular and therefore crowded tourist destinations but have their own special features. You have to visit these places for the difference! Let’s take a look at some of these unique, slightly different tourist destinations in different states of India.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of India, no doubt because many of India’s specialties are gathered here, from historical monuments to natural diversity and from spicy food to pleasing arts. Ghughwa Fossil Park is a somewhat neglected but shining gem of this same treasure of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha and Bandhavgad, two national parks in Madhya Pradesh, popularly known as the ‘Land of Tigers’, are popular with nature lovers around the world. Thousands of tourists visit these national parks every year due to the special sightings of tigers, but many of them do not even know about pigeons. Ghughwa Fossils Park is about 52 hours away from Bandhavgad. Fossils are the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word giant dinosaurs. The history of dinosaurs, which became extinct about six and a half billion years ago, is known only from fossils. But fossils are not only of dinosaurs, but also of insects, aquatic animals, shells and even plants. Similar fossils of trees, which are about 60 million years old, are found on orchards in the villages of Umaria and Ghughwa in Madhya Pradesh. Today, 1400 mm. It rains, but then six crore years ago it used to rain more than two thousand mm. So in today’s arid, arid region there is a dense forest of evergreen trees. Remains of this forest can be seen from the fossils here. The fossil record of plants in Ghughwa Park dates back to about six and a half billion years ago! This period is important in the history of plants, as it is during this period that the types of flowering plants on earth began to develop. Fossils of Amla, Banana, Coconut, Mango, Rudraksha, Jambul and Eucalyptus trees are also found in Ghughwa. Fossils of trunks, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of these trees are here. Fossils of armored aquatic animals have also been found. Now where there is no river, lake or sea, how are the fossils of shellfish, shellfish? Also how are the fossils of trees growing in different climates like coconut, mango, eucalyptus, rudraksha in one place here? The answers to these questions lie in the structure of the earth billions of years ago and its links are found in these fossils. Although there are seven different continents on Earth today, 200 million years ago, it was not so, there was only one large area called Pangea. Later, about 150 million years ago, the Pangea split. Its northern part was named Laurasia and its southern part Gondwan. These parts were also torn apart by geological movements about 100 million years ago. Gondwana was divided into today’s South America, Africa and India. Australia and Antarctica were finally separated from the rest of the Gondwana five million years ago. Before all these upheavals, Australia and India were part of the same territory. Evidence of this is the eucalyptus fossils found at Ghughwa. The treasure of fossils, which was buried millions of years ago, is credited to the world. To Dharmendra Prasad. Dr. The same organization that Prasad was the honorary secretary of the ‘District Archeology Union’ collected and collected fossils scattered in the area. All these fossils were neatly collected by scientific classification. S. of Jabalpur Science College. R. Dr. Ingle and Birbal Sahni of the Institute of Poliobotany. M. B. By Bande. Due to all this, Ghughwa Fossil Park in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh was established.

Here you can see the fossils of different trees laid out in the open, as well as a great display of how fossils are formed, how the continents of the earth came into existence millions of years ago. So when you visit Bandhavgad, pay a visit to Ghughwala. Like Ghughwa, there is another fossil park in Himachal Pradesh. Only 70 km from Chandigarh. The park is located at a distance near Suketi village in Sirmaur district in the valley of Markad river. Fossils of Pleistocene animals have been found here. These include the remains of turtles, hippopotamuses, gharials, crocodiles, and ancient elephants. Outside the museum are magnificent replicas of ancient water horses, elephants, and gharials, while inside are fossilized remains of these animals. They range from the long tusks of elephants to the skulls of other animals. Fossil Park is like a window to the past. Peering through this window, one can see the nature of millions of years ago.

Our forefathers had a wonderful understanding of the combination of beauty and usefulness and there are many architectural objects that can be seen all over India. One of them is the stepwells which are mainly found in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Some wells like Agrasen Ki Bawdi in Delhi and Adalaj Bawdi near Ahmedabad are famous. But the well known in the line of these wells is ‘Chand Bawdi’. Now, if you are wondering what to look for in a well, then you have never seen such a well. The confluence of architecture, aesthetics and technology can be seen in these wells. Chand Bawdi in Rajasthan is a similar well in the village of Abaneri. The village is 90 km from Jaipur towards Agra. According to the historical context, this village was established during the reign of ‘Gurjar Pratihari’ who ruled over Rajasthan. Its original name was ‘Abha Nagari’ which means light city. Later it became ‘Abaneri’. King Chand of the Nikubhva dynasty in the 9th century built this beautiful, decorated steps well in the village, hence it came to be known as ‘Chand Bawdi’. Water conservation is the main purpose behind the construction of such square wells. He is also behind the creation of Chand Bawdi, but the well built by Tadis Netana is a unique example of Indian architecture. The 13-storey well is designed as a small box (box inside box). Seen from above, the structure of a total of three and a half thousand steps looks like a picture of visual illusion. When you reach the bottom of this well, which is about 100 feet deep, you immediately notice a difference of five to six degrees between the temperature at the edge and the temperature inside.

On the bank of this well is Shri Harshada Mata Mandir. Historically, this temple and this well were the place of public ceremonies in the village. Decorations made for people to sit around the well testify to this. The carvings and carvings here make it look like a well of art. Chand Bawdi, which is even older than the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho Temple and Brihadeshwar Temple, awaits tourists. So when deciding to visit Jaipur, be sure to set aside half a day for this treasure well.

If you want to visit different places, you have to be prepared to travel a long distance. Northeast India is a region that, despite being an integral part of India’s heritage, nature reserves and history, seems to be a bit far from the average tourist. Of the seven states in the area, there are mines of off-bit destinations. Majuli Island is one of them. The island in the state of Assam was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest river island in 2016. The island is formed in the course of the Mahanadi Brahmaputra and its tributaries. However, the size of this island, which shelters more than one and a half lakh people, is increasing every year due to the floods of Brahmaputra. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the size of the island was twelve hundred and fifty square kilometers and now it has grown to 352 square kilometers. The name ‘Majuli’ originally means ‘region between two parallel rivers’. The island is known as the cultural capital of the state of Assam. This tradition was rooted in the 15th century on this island which was the center of ‘Nava Vaishnava’ culture by the great social reformer, Saint Sreesankardev. The island is inhabited by Mishing, Deori, Sonowal and Kachari tribes. The Vaishnava religious places on Majuli are called ‘Satra’. In the 15th century, the tradition of establishing ‘sessions’ started and about 65 sessions were formed from different art traditions, customs and religious practices. But now 22 of them are working here. Garamukh, Kamalabari, Dakhinapat, Anniyati and Bengiti are considered to be the major ones. There is a Kamalabari session in the center of Majuli Island. This session is famous for cultivating traditional dance and theatrical art. Also some old manuscripts have been preserved here. The Dakhinapat session is famous for the ‘Raslila Utsava’ celebrated there. These different sessions developed and preserved the art of making masks, the tradition of carving, the art of building boats. The Sangeet Natak Academy has given the status of classical dance to the dance drama ‘Sattaria’ which originated in this tradition. Due to its natural structure, Majuli is a place of natural diversity as well as an island art tradition. The bird life in the water bodies here attracts nature lovers. Similarly, the ‘Molai Forest’ on this island is a unique natural forest created by the efforts of Jadav Payeng, a single stonemason. Thanks to the efforts of Padma Shri awardee Jadav Payeng, the forest is now home to tigers, unicorns, rhinoceroses, deer, rabbits, monkeys and a variety of birds. That is why this forest has been given the name of Jadav ‘Molai’. Therefore, whether it is a festival like ‘Falgu’ or ‘Porag’, whether it is a traditional art form or a splendor of nature, Majuli is a must visit in Assam. Jorhat is the nearest town to Majuli (just 20 km away). Jorhat has an airport with flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati. There is a ferry service to Majuli from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat.

A few years ago, Ladakh was definitely one of the off-beat destinations, but in the last eight to ten years, the wait for Ladakh has been quite long. One of them is ‘Turtuk’. This Chimukle village is in Nubra Valley. The Disket Monastery in the Nubra Valley, the majestic image of the Maitreya Buddha and the Double Hump Camel Ride are familiar to tourists, but the shore of the Shyok River at the end of the valley is still a bit bumpy. The village, which has experienced different dynasties in history, was captured by Pakistan in the 1947-48 war. In the Indo-Pak war of 1971, it came under Indian rule again. Due to the different dynasties in history, the village has a mixed impression of Buddhist and Muslim traditions. The village enjoys a unique natural beauty as well as a rich tradition of traditional handicrafts. Surrounded by apricot and walnut orchards, the village offers bucket-style food. The Bucket Heritage Museum, the royal residence of the old rulers, the traditional handlooms, the ancient watermills make it feel like visiting a village in history. Then make sure to make time for Turtuk to visit Nubra Valley on a trip to Ladakh.

If you want to visit different, unique tourist destinations than the usual, popular tourist destinations, keep in mind that the facilities will be less as there are not many tourists in such places. Moreover, it is often less likely that ancient structures, buildings, monuments have been preserved. Some of these places may not have much to offer tourists, such as boating and horseback riding. But don’t forget that untouched nature and tranquility are the hallmarks of this place. So don’t go for less that your full potential. If you want to wander on unpaved roads, don’t take the burden on your mind.

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