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Greenery until the eye can see and Quiet atmosphere When we scatter on the surface of the water, stopping at houseboats becomes memorable. Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is famous across the country for its spectacular backwaters and serene houseboat experiences. The backwaters on which houseboats float spread over a large area where the fish jump around and the birds drag. Let’s look at something The best houseboat to stay in Kerala and enjoy the beautiful experience.

1. Prasanthi Houseboats

One of the most famous houseboat services in Alleppey is Prashanti Houseboats. With lots of deals and packages, there are many options for visitors to choose from. They also have the option to choose the number of bedrooms required, making it quite attractive for a group of small and large members. stayed in. Serious staff and mouth-watering local food prepared by the chef during the stay make it a truly amazing experience throughout!

2. Carnival Houseboats

Carnival Houseboats
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An experience in Carnival Houseboat Is the one not to be missed. Houseboat’s luxurious interior settings with its spacious bathroom, comfortable rooms, filtered water for drinking and other purposes Great experience Visiting Allafuza. The feeling of total peace when we pass through the beach is relaxed and everyone has to experience it.

3. Kumarakom Houseboats

Kumarakom Houseboats
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Kumarakom Houseboat The service does justice to his name by guiding visitors in Kumarakom’s activities and day-long activities. Staying in this houseboat is a great experience with delicious local food and breakfast provided by caretakers. Local palm shores, villages, temples and churches can be seen as a boat through peaceful backwaters. From here one can enjoy the true nature of the area.

4. KV Houseboat

5 Best Houseboats in Kerala – Trans India Travels
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A comfortable houseboat experience is guaranteed. KV Houseboats. They take visitors to the wider expanse of the waterway, taking care of their needs. The chef will even prepare the necessary food for the visitors. Stopping at nearby local markets enables visitors to buy whatever they need. Cooked fish can be enjoyed while smelling and feeling the water around the area.

5. Puramani Houseboats

Poornamani Houseboats
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One of the best houseboats for a satisfying trip Poornamani Houseboats. Superb facilities complete the journey with even more hospitable staff. With superb food being served and a completely relaxed atmosphere, the houseboat is the perfect place to relax and have a lot of fun.

‘Beautiful atmosphereEast of Venice‘It is a must to travel and travel in search of someone Great time. Living in a houseboat under the starry sky with staring with water all around is a pleasant feeling to experience.



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