5 Things You Should Not Travel Without if Planning a Trip In Rains

Monsoon Travel Tips: The best time of the year in India to appreciate the natural beauty around us is during the monsoons. The rainy season is characterized by dark clouds hanging over the lush green vegetation, cool misty air, cascading waterfalls and general freshness. Many people decide to travel during monsoon to witness the splendor of nature in this season. Traveling during monsoon can be thrilling, but it can also be daunting. You should be aware of some monsoon travel precautions to ensure your safety while traveling. Before you embark on an exciting journey, go through them and prepare yourself thoroughly.Also read- For paragliding? Add these must-see places to your bucket list to have the best paragliding experience in India – Watch Video

1. Always Check Weather Conditions

Check the forecast three to five days before and after the scheduled departure date, depending on the purpose of your trip. States like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh receive a lot of rainfall, resulting in high chances of landslides and cloudbursts. Rain in the mountains is not something you would like to experience. Also read- Planning a trip abroad? Here is a list of 10 countries that offer easy e-Visa to Indians

2. Carry mosquito repellents and other first aid

Mosquitoes are most active during the monsoon season. These mosquitoes act as carriers of many diseases. Also, many people get sick during the monsoon season. Before setting out on your trip, make sure you always have a first aid kit and bug repellent. There is a possibility that you may see some uninvited guests when you are camping in the midst of nature, especially in low altitude places. Also read- 5 train rides in India that are worth your time and money

3. Pack more waterproof or synthetic clothing

Everything should be waterproof, including your bag and clothing. The best material for long journeys during monsoon is synthetic fabric, which is generally considered more breathable and convenient to pack. Despite being airy and lightweight, they dry quickly. Before you leave, provide your valuables with a good covering or waterproofing solution.

4. Avoid Eating or Drinking from Untrusted Sources

Avoid eating street food as much as possible during the monsoon season. There is a lot of possibility of water contamination during this time of the year, which can put you in a lot of trouble. To be on the safe side, bring your own or buy packaged water. Also cover it without using water. Eat healthy and travel with caution!

5. Avoid indulging in risky activities

Things can go awry very quickly during the rainy season. Rock-climbing, rafting, camping, canyoning and similar sports can be extremely dangerous during the monsoon season, unless led by experienced experts who are aware of the seasonal problems involved in these activities. Make sure you are seeking the help of skilled professionals!

Travel Advice:

Carry monsoon essentials such as a sturdy umbrella, waterproof backpack, raincoat, waterproof cover for your electronic equipment, power bank for unplanned power outages, medicines, extra clothing and towels.

Have a great trip and be prepared to deal with the monsoons.


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