After Moon and Mars, ISRO eyes budget Venus trip

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Indian Space Research Organization has a history of stunning the world by conducting space missions at incredibly low costs. In line with this legacy, ISRO has now set its eyes on the Venus mission at a cost of Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,000 crore.

“The cost will depend on the expansion of the instrumentation. If you put in a lot of payload equipment, the cost will naturally go up,” ISRO Chairman S Somanath said on Friday.

While international space agencies like NASA spend huge amounts on space missions, ISRO opts for budget missions. ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 was a budget spaceship that was built at a cost of just Rs 386 crore. The cost of Chandrayaan-2 mission was Rs 603 crore while its launch was done for Rs 367 crore.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a national conference on Aerospace Quality and Reliability here, the ISRO chief said the agency is in the process of approaching the central government for approval for the mission.

In response to the questions, he said that the schedule of Chandrayaan-3 has not been decided yet. After its Moon and Mars mission, ISRO is now considering the Venus mission. Even as there are reports that ISRO is eyeing a December 2024 window to launch the Venus mission, Somnath said the program is yet to be finalised. It will be announced only after the final approval by the central government. ISRO is striving to ensure that this will be a unique mission. “We have to be careful with expensive missions of this nature,” he said.

It’s not just imagination for work: ISRO Chairman

“It’s not just for work envisioning that we want to do the Venus mission. We do it for the unique recognition that this mission will create among all future Venus missions. That’s the goal,” Somnath said, the mission The data will be generated much more than what the scientists can use. Though the schedule has not been announced yet, ISRO is ready with the phases of preparation.” Technology Definition, Work Package, Schedule, Procurement – They are all ready. But then it will have to go to the government, which will analyze it and finally approve it.” He added that Chandrayaan 3 is now going through testing phases including navigation, instrumentation and ground simulation. However, no schedule has been fixed, he added. .


‘या लेखात समाविष्ट असलेल्या कोणत्याही माहिती/सामग्री/गणनाची अचूकता किंवा विश्वसनीयता हमी नाही. ही माहिती विविध माध्यमे / ज्योतिषी / पंचांग / प्रवचन / विश्वास / धर्मग्रंथांमधून गोळा करून तुमच्यासाठी आणली गेली आहे. आमचा हेतू फक्त माहिती पोहोचवणे आहे, त्याच्या वापरकर्त्यांनी ती फक्त माहिती म्हणून घ्यावी. याव्यतिरिक्त, त्याचा कोणताही वापर वापरकर्त्याची स्वतःची जबाबदारी असेल. ‘

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