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Leh Ladakh is on every traveler’s list as this place is a very beautiful place to visit. Leh Ladakh is also famous because it is a Adventure spots in india. There are mountains, bumpy land, river valleys and many other things, which is a must see in India. Many people like to take a road trip to this place.

If you are planning your next India trip and are looking for an amazing place to visit, choose my friend, Leh Ladakh as this place will not disappoint you. Here also in this blog, I will tell you about some amazing places in Ladakh which you can visit while exploring this place.

1. Pangong Lake:

Pangong Lake is a very beautiful lake which is situated 160 km from the city of Leh. Since there is a high amount of salt in the water, due to which there is no aquatic life but while visiting this lake, you can see ducks or gulls on the surface of the water.

My recommendation to visit this place would be in the month of June. Also, there is no entry fee to see the beauty of this beautiful lake.

2. Magnetic vibrating:

While traveling on the Leh – Kargil route of Ladakh, one will pass the popular magnetic hill. The distance between this place and the city of Leh is about 30 kilometers. This hill got its name due to magnetic confusion. The slope here looks like a climb. The reason for this is magnetic confusion.

If you shut down your engine and leave your car in neutral gear, the car will automatically start to move upward due to the magnetic stretch. Be sure to capture some of the beautiful moments spent here by clicking some amazing social media worth of pictures, because the whole world should know that you are on vacation in India.

3. Shanti Stupa:

If you want to spend some of your time in peace, then you must visit Shanti Stupa. This place holds a great place in the Buddhist culture. While visiting this place, you can also see the remains of Buddha which are stored in the base of the stupa.

The time of Shanti Stupa is from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and there is also no entry fee to visit this place.

4. Leh Palace:

The place is also popular as the Leh Empire. If you are keen to learn and understand more on the beliefs of Buddhist culture, then this place should definitely be on your list as Leh Palace promotes Buddhist culture.

The time of this place is from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and the entry fee is Rs. 15 for Indians and Rs. 100 ($ 2) for foreigners.

5. Alchi Math:

Alchi Monastery is the most popular of the famous and frequently visited monasteries in Leh. The place has many sacred walls with Buddhist teachings with paintings of several Hindu kings.

Timings of this monastery are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and there is no entry fee to visit this place.


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