Another wonderful fish found on the Wadhavan Beach | 2021

A few days ago, a bird was seen here. Following this, Vikas Bhoir from Varor has got a red tooth trigger fish today. In classical language this fish is called Odonus niger.
This blue-purple fish can also change color according to its nature.

Sometimes it looks dark blue and sometimes it is pale green. It is also called red tooth because of its red teeth. This fish is aggressive by nature. They grow up to a maximum of twelve inches.

These fish live in places where there is a line of coral reefs. These fish have evolved to live in habitats where water flow is high. The special thing is that they go into a notch hole and use its tail to trap themselves. And they lay their eggs in the notch hole in the rocks and protect them until the chicks come out.

From this it is clear that there is likely to be a line of large coral reefs in the sea at Wadhwan. It is also home to a number of rare fish. And as if we are here, one fish after another has come forward to show its existence, regardless of the creatures, to destroy us.

It doesn’t matter if the fish are participating in the movement along with the people.
This is a message for mankind. Stand on the right side of nature or it will be destroyed …….

(Thanks to Pradip Patade and Gaurav Patil for mentioning the scientific name of the fish.)
Pvt. Bhushan Bhoir.
Co. Pvt. Department of Zoology,
Sonopant Dandekar College,


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