Best on Amazon ALICON Sports Shoes for Men | Lace up Lightweight Shoes for Running, Walking, Gym, Trekking, Hiking & Party Running Shoes for Men 2021

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Price: ₹ 499.00
(as of May 04,2021 05:13:14 UTC – Details)

Product Description


ALICON Sports Shoes for Men | Lace up Lightweight Shoes for Running, Walking, Gym, Trekking, Hiking & Party Running Shoes for Men

running shoesrunning shoes

Upgrade your footwear collection with this pair of sports shoes by ALICON Rider. Crafted with mesh upper for comfort and breathability, it is resistant to wear and tear and can be worn all day long. The upper portion of the shoes are made of mesh fabric for breathability and ample airflow to keep the feet cool even on a hot day.

running shoesrunning shoes

Made for comfort

This ALICON Sports shoe is made with an outer mesh material for superior comfort and ventilation.

running shoesrunning shoes

Lightweight yet cushioned midsole

The classic style lace-up can be teamed up with any sport or casual apparel. These are suitable for daily leisure activities, running, jogging or sports. The knitting upper ensures that the shaped like your foot and doesn’t bind or chafe.

running shoesrunning shoes

Comfortable, breathable knitting upper

Be at complete ease while you run by wearing these lightweight shoes from the mansion of Frontastic These shoes are crafted using the high-quality materials which let you enjoy the extra dose of comfort & support.

running shoesrunning shoes


These lightweight running and walking shoes by Frontastic offers a soft, yet highly responsive & flexible ride which is suitable for a variety of distances & speeds.

It’s ideal for runners looking for a natural ride for distances ranging from a few miles to ultra-marathon races.

Closure: Lace-Up
Shoe Width: Medium
Lifestyle: sports, running ,walking, gym, casual, sneakers, partywear
Comfortable quality footwear light weight attractive design multi purpose.
Warranty: 30 days warranty on manufacturing defects
Care Instructions: Wipe with a clean, dry cloth when needed Do not wash with detergent or in washing machine


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