Best on Amazon Amazon Digital Suite: ClearOne (by Cleartax), cloud-based GST Invoicing software (Amazon exclusive benefits) 2021

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Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 99.00
(as of May 01,2021 14:47:12 UTC – Details)

ClearOne is a cloud-based digital invoicing software offering, exclusively catered to small businesses India. The software works on any web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, etc) and supports multiple GSTINs and PANs.

Suitable for any GST and non-GST registered business that needs to be GST compliant to avail tax benefits and ensure business growth, whether you are starting a new business or run an existing business.

ClearOne helps you to digitalize your business invoicing and billing with a few easy clicks. The software is 100% secure with a bank-grade 256 bit encryption security.

1. Fast, easy and professional GST invoicing designed to save time and to increase productivity
– Create GST and non-GST invoices
– Multiple professional templates to print the invoice
– Customize the templates to match your business needs
– Add your business logo and digital signature
– Easily share invoices with customers and accountant
– Prefilled HSN, customer, and item details

2. Supports the creation of multiple document types
– E-way bills
– Estimates
– Bill of supply
– Export invoices
– Delivery challans
– Credit notes and debit notes
– E-invoices

3. 100% GST compliant
– Create error free GST invoices and convert these into E-invoices and E-Way bills with a single click
– Easily export and share data/reports with customers and accountants
– Fastest software updates based on new GST guidelines and mandates

4. 100% safe and secure
– Auto backup of data on cloud
– Complete data privacy
– Bank-grade 256 bit encryption
– Single click download of any data

5. Easy and fast set-up
– OTP based login
– Easy to understand user interface
– Single click printing of any document
Components of ClearOne: GST/non-GST invoicing & billing, E-Way bill, estimates, credit note, debit note, export invoice, bill of supply, e-invoicing, etc
ClearOne offers an exclusive Amazon pricing of ₹99 for the first 3 months of subscription and ₹499 per month afterwards, all with extensive customer support
Within 2 hours of ordering, registration link and configuration instructions will be available in ‘Buyer/Seller messages’ under Message Center at “” and your Amazon regd. email ID
You can start using ClearOne as soon as you register. Customer support is provided through a single touchpoint


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