Best on Amazon Amigo Nedis Conference Wired Microphone | with Omnidirectional Pattern | USB Connector | for Podcasting, Gaming, YouTube Streaming, Recording etc. (Black) 2021

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Price: ₹ 5,990.00 - ₹ 2,532.00
(as of Apr 25,2021 02:10:34 UTC – Details)

This Amigo conference microphone is super convenient for facilitating skype business meetings and telcons. Or use it during a gaming night with friends to enable voice chat for an immersive gaming experience. Plug, play, present. Simple functionality to serve multiple purposes. The microphone provides high-quality recordings with high sensitivity which picks up sound very clearly & effectively within a range of 3 meters; you can move freely without having to approach or move the mic. Simply connect the  microphone to a USB port in your notebook or PC and get started – no additional drivers or external power adapter required. The small form factor is hardly noticeable and won’t clutter your desk at home or office. The microphone has a touch sensor to mute it without any audible click, which might come in handy if you’d like to turn off the microphone more discreetly, an LED light will indicate if sound reproduction is turned on. The microphone features a rubber-pad bottom to prevent scratches to the table top.

SENSITIVITY: The omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sounds from all directions at a very high sensitivity with a focus on clarity and reliability. The pick up distance is also long enough to not miss out any important transmissions without any distortions
NOISE CANCELLATION: No one wants interference from the background noise while interacting. Especially during conference calls. Built-in filter sponge eliminates unwanted noise ensuring only ultra clear audio which you want to be transmitted goes into the mic, filtering out any extra noise
VERSATILITY: With a wide frequency response and high output for clear & vibrant vocal performance, the condenser mic is a perfect solution for podcasting, presentations, video conferencing, gaming, YouTube streaming, recording, voice overs, etc.
MUTE DISCREETLY: Simple touch the top of the mic to silently go on mute. An LED indicator also lets you know if your voice is getting transmitted or not
CONNECTIVITY: No need to install any drivers. Just plug in the wire into your USB port and start using the mic. It immediately adapts to any kind of receiving device(Mac, Windows 7,8,10) to transmit quality audio. The 1.5m shielded & braided USB cable with gold plated contact is also tangle free.


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