Best on Amazon Callas Kitchen Houseware Organiser Pantry Rack, Silver CA. 84 2021

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Price: ₹ 1,099.00 - ₹ 549.00
(as of May 03,2021 10:04:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description

This pantry rack organiser is designed to offer a convenient storage space for keeping plates, trays, and other utensils. It has a sleek and minimal design that makes it perfect for modern homes. It helps in keeping the kitchen tidy. It can also be used for drying washed plates.

Functional Design

This kitchen organiser has optimum space in between for storing cutlery, cooking sheets, cutting boards, and trays without any hassle. The steel frame has a smooth and shiny surface.

Robust Construction

The rack is manufactured using high grade gauge steel that offers a robust construction. This durable material has high load bearing strength, and it can endure years of daily usage with ease.

Convenient to Use

This modern organising rack helps in saving space in the kitchen. It keeps the essentials accessible at hand. It offers ample space for easy storage and accessibility of all your essentials.

Easy to Maintain

The steel gauge metal is easy to clean and maintain. It can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. The smooth finish prevents dirt and oil accumulation to store the utensils without any hassle.

Made by Sturdy Gauge Steel
Dimension: 9L x 7.8W x 5H Inches (Each Compartment Width: 2.56 inches)


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