Best on Amazon India Meets India Handmade Kids 4″ Damroo Shiva Damru Musical Damaru Musical Instrument Best For Gifting Made By Awarded Indian Artisans (Gold-Brass) 2021

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Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 508.00
(as of Apr 30,2021 10:10:29 UTC – Details)

Indian Religious & Traditional Classical hand percussion Damru/Damroo is well known folk instrument for drumming in all over India. Damroo is mainly made in wood, metal or skull with both ends covered by animal skin (goat skin) crossed tied-up strings or cords made from cotton, leather or jute. Damru is an hour glass shaped drum, typically played with the bare hands, a player wave the instrument by twisting the wrist back and forth. A Damroo player adjusts the pitch of the instrument by adjusting the pressure that is applied to these strings. Damroo is associated with Hindu God Lord Shiva, it is Lord Shiva favorite musical instrument that is why Damru is also known as a power drum, which invokes spiritual energy

Material: Mango Wood; Color: Green
Damroo / Damru Size in Cm: – H-9 X L-10 X W-9 Damroo / Damru Size in Inch: – 4
Indian Religious & Traditional Handmade Crafted Kids Playing Musical Instrument Lord Shiva 4 Inch Damaru/Damroo
All Products of India Meets India are made by Various Indian Artisans of all age groups
Riyaz Ahmed is a State awarded artisan and a musician. His passion in music is reflected in his art of creating near similar miniatures of various music instruments.
He also makes exact smaller playing replicas of clasical music instruments like tabla, sitar which kids at an age of 5-6 years can hold/ play.


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