Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad for 2 Days

Hear the bygone era tales of Ahmedabad and get awestruck with incredible scenery. Explore the best places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days and feel like you know Ahmedabad for decades!

Call it “the Manchester of India,” “the investment magnet of India,” Ahmedabad is India’s First UNESCO World Heritage City. The city sprawl on the east side of the Sabarmati River. The erstwhile capital of Gujarat (till 1970), Ahmedabad is circumferenced with Rajasthan to the northeast and Maharashtra and Mumbai to the South. Interestingly, Forbes listed this city of Gujarat as “World’s 3rd Fastest Growing Cities” in 2010.

This 606-year-old walled city is India’s 7th largest metropolis, so it goes without saying there are plenty of places to see and visit Near Ahmedabad. There are plenty of beaches to explore near Ahmedabad that are perfect for a relaxing weekend trip. If you want to explore the best tourist places near Ahmedabad for 2 days, you should without any doubt! Because you will be bewitched to see how this city in the heart of Gujarat has a well-preserved old world charm amalgamated with modern world luxuries.

Is Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad For 2 Days Worth Visiting As A Tourist?

Yes! The places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days are worth visiting as a tourist! Ahmedabad itself will quickly win your heart with its incredible centuries-old architecture in the form of temples and mausoleums. A trip to the narrow streets in Ahmedabad is more about reliving the historical tales of Mughals, Marathas, and Britishers because they all once ruled Ahmedabad in their reign. The major drawcard about tourist places near Ahmedabad is that the city has got the peace element and is one of India’s safest cities for solo women travel.

From amazing architecture to brilliant hill stations, from lush greenery to adventure activities, here we are disclosing to you how to spend 2 days near Ahmedabad. Within 100-300 kilometers from Ahmedabad, you can expect to experience all sorts of experiences, including wildlife, nature, watersports, except snow!

Go through the list down below and check out the best places near Ahmedabad for a 2 days trip. Now let’s dive right into the list.

1. Thol Bird Sanctuary

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 29 kilometers/1 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: It houses pretty rare bird species like Flamingoes and Sarus
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February, and July to September

If you want to spend 1 day in Ahmedabad on a good note, start your Ahmedabad exploration by visiting Thol Bird Sanctuary. This famous place is a hotspot for bird watchers, and several tourists flock here during monsoon and winters. Thol Bird Sanctuary’s charisma will be best observed if you will take the binocular with you and witness the migratory birds. It is a freshwater body that is circumference with dense greenery. Guided trips to Thol Bird Sanctuary are available.

Also, jeep or canter safari options are available. Around 1000 species (approx.) of migratory birds reside here, out of which the most famous ones are egrets and whistling teals.

  • Timings: 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM (it may fluctuate a little)
  • Entry Fee: 50 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 700 INR (approx.) for foreigners
  • Jeep Safari Cost: 500 INR for Indians, and 2800 INR (approx.) for foreigners
  • Canter Safari: 1000 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 7000 INR upto 15 persons for foreigners

Note: Photography and videography charges are extra.

2. Vadodara

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 110 kilometers/2 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Its magnificent palaces and flamboyant past
  • Best time to Visit: October-March

Laxmi Vilas Palace

How about taking an intriguing historical tour of Gujarat? If that sounds fascinating, then head to Vadodara. It is one of the top places near Ahmedabad for a 2 days trip during the festival celebrations like Navratri and Ram Navmi. The traditional and cultural festivals of Gujarat are celebrated with full fervor here in Vadodara.

Moreover, the weather and temperature of Vadodara remains tropical throughout the year, which attracts tourists to explore what it has under its belts in the form of lush green gardens, architecturally appealing structure, and auspicious temples.

Popular Places to Visit in Vadodara: Sursagar Lake, Kirti Mandir, Laxmi Vilas Palace

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3. Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 146 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Its magnificent structures with the perfect symmetry of pillars
  • Best time to Visit: October-March

Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad for 2 Days

Establishing itself under the category of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park is like a mirror into the past. Here you will see the vibrant hues of history, including Hindu dating back to the 16th century capital of Gujarat Sultanate.

Although this place is abandoned and conquered by the jungle, this archeological park is still well preserved. You can see ancient old mosques, fortifications, Jain, and Hindu temples. Champaran is a historical city near Ahmedabad that came into the limelight by Oscar-nominated – Lagaan. If you are traveling with your kids, Champaran is one of the best places near Ahmedabad with family.

4. Dwarka

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 440 kilometers/9 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Its tales of submerged in the big flood around 9.000 years ago
  • Best time to Visit: August and September, and October to February

Sudama Setu, Dwarka

The city of Dwarka near Ahmedabad is considered an attraction because it is the sacred place for ‘Bada Char Dham Yatra.’ Translated to ‘Gateway of Heaven’ in Sanskrit, legends say Dwarka was built by Lord Krishna, and therefore, millions of Hindu devotees flock here. There are several Hindu temples to visit with family that will give you the spiritual enlightenment you have been seeking to calm your mind.

Due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea, you can spend peaceful time at the various beaches Dwarka Beach. It goes without saying that if you want to attain spirituality on a weekend getaway near Ahmedabad on a 2 days trip, consider including Dwarka in your itinerary.

Popular Places to Visit in Dwarka: Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, Sudama Setu, Lighthouse, Gayatri Shaktipeeth

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5. Gir National Park

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 330 kilometers/8 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: It is the only home for Asiatic Lions in India
  • Best time to Visit: December to March

Gir National Park

You should visit Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary in Ahmedabad sightseeing for 2 days if you want to encounter unique wildlife with your family. Gir National Park is dotted with teak forests and actively participates in Lion conservation activities as it is the only place in India that is home to Asiatic Lions.

Inside the wildlife sanctuary, you can book your stay to feel the real wilderness and watch the king of the jungle roaming freely in their natural habitat. Safari excursions are organized that increases the chances of spotting the Asiatic Lions. The wide variety of flora and fauna includes deers, antelopes, Indian hares, pygmy woodpecker, Indian cobra, and several moistures retaining trees. Gir National Park is a must-visit place within 350 kilometers of Ahmedabad with kids.

Tip: Book the morning wildlife safari to see the Asiatic Lion as they come out in search of prey in the morning. During the monsoon break from mid-June to mid-October, the park remains closed.

  • Entry Fee: 75 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 100 INR (approx.) for foreigners
  • Jeep Safari Price: 4000 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 10000 INR (approx.) for foreigners
  • Camera and Video Camera Charges: 100 INR – 500INR (approx.)
  • Safari Timings: 6 AM – 9 PM in the morning, and 3 PM – 6 PM in the morning

6. Dumas Beach

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 281 kilometers/5 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Its black colored sand
  • Best time to Visit: October-March

Dumas Beach

Dumas is actually a village located close to Surat and is hauntingly famous for its Dumas Beach. This beach is known as one of the haunted places near Ahmedabad due to several paranormal activities reported here. The village and Dumas Beach is the hotspot for tourists who want to unlock spookiness with their friends on a weekend getaway near Ahmedabad.

However, before the sunset, you can enjoy strolling on the beach like several other tourists and return to your accommodation before dusk hits. You will have the option to enjoy quad biking and a camel ride on the beach.

Popular Places to Visit Nearby Dumas Beach: Dariya Ganesh Temple, Kisna Nature Park, Sidhnath Mahadev Temple

7. Mount Abu

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 232 kilometers/5 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Its image of the only hill station in Rajasthan
  • Best time to Visit: October to March, and June to September

Mount- Abu

You would be amazed to know that the only hill station in Rajasthan is located at a proximate distance to Ahmedabad. Amongst one of those essences of Rajasthan that captivates travelers, Mount Abu is one of them which is located in Aravali Hills. You should visit this closest hill station near Ahmedabad for a 2-3 days trip to beat the summer blues, as there are shimmering lakes to spend a relaxing time amidst the waters.

You will find several ancient wonders, century-old temples, trekking trails, and everything Rajasthan is known for! If you are an Ahmadabad and looking to bask in the lush greenery on your family vacations, Mount Abu must visit the hill station near Ahmedabad to visit in all three seasons.

Popular Places to Visit in Mount Abu: Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake, Honeymoon Point

See more: Discover the Mystic Beauty of Mount Abu

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8. Porbandar

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 232 kilometers/5 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: It is the birthplace of India’s Father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Best time to Visit: October to March

Porbandar, Gujarat

Porbandar in Gujarat is famous for one more thing; it is the birthplace of Sudama, Lord Krishna’s friend. This city was under British rule, and hence, you will get to see several colonial buildings also! If you are traveling to Gujarat with your family in August, make sure you attend the Janmashtami celebration celebrated with full fervor in Porbandar. There is a beach to enjoy the camel rides and sunset strolls with your special someone in the evening.

Visit Porbandar Beach to witness the pink flamingos. From a historical lens, Porbandar is perfect for the people who love digging deep into century-old tales.

Popular Places to Visit in Porbandar: Shri Hari Temple, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Nehru Planetarium

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9. Wilson Hills

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 365 kilometers/7 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: The best hill station near Ahmedabad to visit in the monsoon
  • Best time to Visit: July to September, and October to April

Wilson Hills

When a hill station is located in the heart of a densely green jungle, its obvious lush greenery will take your breath away with its beauty. Wilson Hills is a less explored hill station near Ahmedabad within 400 kilometers, where trekking, camping, mountain biking, and photography are the best things to do! You can visit the coastline or sea from the hilltop, which is a sight to behold if you are a shutterbug. Couples in search of romantic hill stations near Ahmedabad visit Wilson Hills as the ambiance here is tranquil. Waterfalls in Wilson Hills are too beautiful to handle, so make sure you bring your camera to capture their essence.

Popular places to visit in Wilson Hills: Barumal Temple, Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls, Lady Wilson Museum

10. Lonavala

  • Distance from Ahmedabad: 593 kilometers/11 hours (approx.)
  • Famous For: Mulky and jaw-dropping nature vistas from vantage points
  • Best time to Visit: October to March, and June to September

Trekking to Rajmachi

Break the monotony of the maddening rush in the city and enjoy a peaceful weekend with family in Lonavala. However, this hill station is located in Maharashtra but famous amongst the people of Ahmedabad due to its easy-to-reach proximity. It is also known as Jewel of Sahyadri Range, Lonavala hill station, picturesque waterfalls, century-old caves, ancient forts, luxury resorts, adventure activities, and plenty other things to entice tourists of all age groups. You can visit Lonavala all year round, but it’s the monsoon that carpets Lonavala in lush greenery.

Popular Places to Visit in Lonavala: Della Adventure Park, Pawna Lake, Rajmachi Fort

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Exploring Gujarat on your vacations and missing out on the experiences near Ahmedabad would be a sin. This city is bound to amaze you with its century-old architecture and bustling street food scene. Make sure you explore India’s first UNESCO Urban World Heritage Site in 2021.

What do you think about Ahmedabad? Are you going to explore these best places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days?

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