BJP’s Tajinder Bagga back home, Delhi Police will provide security: 10 facts

Tajinder Bagga shows the victory sign when he reaches his residence on Friday night.

New Delhi:
BJP’s Tajinder Bagga, whose arrest on Friday triggered a dramatic clash between two parties and police forces in three states, has been provided police protection by a Delhi court. Mr Bagga has termed his detention by the Punjab Police as “illegal”.

  1. After his release from Punjab Police custody, Mr. Bagga was brought to Delhi and produced in a court in Dwarka, where the duty magistrate directed Delhi Police will provide security BJP leader and his family. His lawyers said the duty magistrate decided to provide security after the BJP leader expressed apprehension that such incidents might happen to him again.

  2. Advocates YP Singh and Sanket Gupta, appearing for Mr. Bagga, also submitted that a medical examination of Mr. Bagga revealed injuries to his back and shoulder. Mr. Bagga’s statement will be recorded before the magistrate concerned on Monday.

  3. Mr Bagga arrived at his residence in Delhi late on Friday night, nearly 20 hours after he was detained by the Punjab Police from his home in the national capital. Mr. Bagga hoisted the victory symbol on his arrival and was fed sweets by Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta at his residence.

  4. “Police officials started dragging Tajinder (Bagga), they did not allow him to wear his turban, it is against our religious principles. We have asked Punjabi brothers to raise their voice against it. Finally, Tajinder back It has come, this is the victory of truth,” Tajinder Singh Bagga’s father PS Bagga was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

  5. Mr Bagga, who is also the Delhi BJP spokesperson, termed his detention by the Punjab Police as “illegal” and said he would continue to fight till Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal apologized for his comments on Kashmiri Pandits.

  6. The AAP has claimed that the BJP leader was arrested for trying to incite communal tension and violence in the border state and dismissed the BJP’s charge of retaliation. Delhi BJP spokesperson Naveen Kumar Jindal claimed that around 50 policemen barged into Mr. Bagga’s Delhi residence and arrested him. “He couldn’t even wear his turban,” he said.

  7. A game of cat and mouse involving cops from Punjab, Haryana and Delhi started after Mr. Bagga Punjab Police arrested at 5 am, On their way to Mohali, the Haryana Police intercepted the team when the Delhi Police registered a kidnapping case based on a complaint by Mr. Bagga’s father.

  8. The Haryana Police took the Punjab Police team into custody at a police station in Kurukshetra. At the same time, the Punjab and Haryana High Court turned down AAP-ruled Punjab’s demand that Mr. Bagga should remain in Haryana instead of being handed over to the Delhi Police.

  9. Hours later, a Delhi Police team reached Kurukshetra and “rescued” Mr. Bagga, who showed the victory sign as the cars changed. The Delhi Police brought Mr. Bagga back to the national capital.

  10. The Delhi Police, reporting to the Centre, claimed that they were not informed about the arrest in advance. Punjab Police has refuted the allegations saying that one of their team has been at a police station in Delhi since last evening.

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