Business travel picks up momentum after Covid pandemic: Report

New Delhi: After a hiatus of almost two years due to the COVID pandemic, business travel According to a report by travel and hospitality technology platform OYO, the momentum has picked up in India. According to ayoBusiness Travel’s Mid-Year Business Travel Report, from January 2022, shows continued momentum in business travel with a jump in business activity across industries.

“Within the business travel category, the three largest components are corporate employees at 29 per cent, small business owners at 17.7 per cent and government employees,” OYO said in a statement.

The survey, conducted between June 25-30 this year among 1,300 people, also found that Delhi was the most preferred destination for business travellers, followed by Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

In terms of age profile, OYO said business travel improvements were led by the younger generation with 43 per cent in the 20-24 years age group, followed by 25-30 years (34.5 per cent) and 31-45 years ( 18.6 per annum). Percent).

“It is interesting to note that after months of virtual meetings and telephone conversations, young business travelers such as college graduates and those who have just joined the workforce or business, such as businessmen and small enterpriseMore excited about returning to face-to-face conversations,” Oyo said.

Srirang Godbole, Senior Vice President, Product and Chief Service Officer, OYO, said, “While ‘Blazer’ – work from anywhere and home holidays – were the major travel reasons in the initial part of the unlocked journey, business travel has resumed . Further momentum in the first half of this year continues to pick up.”

Stating that business travel is reliable and has the least seasonal impact as a category, he said, “The revival seems as strong as of recent, be it companies, small and medium business either public area Passenger. We expect this segment to continue to grow further in the near future.”

According to the survey, the construction industry is at the forefront of business travel at 16 per cent, followed by a variety of businesses such as transportationClothes, ElectronicsIT and healthcare.

In terms of travel frequency, 29 per cent of those interviewed said they traveled once a month, 25 per cent once in three months and 21 per cent once a week.

As for the duration, 73 percent said they traveled for 3 days, 19 percent for 3 to 7 days and only 4 percent traveled for more than a week.

“Out of the total respondents, 52 per cent said that safety is their top priority while booking a stay. hygiene 48 per cent continues to be a top concern for business travelers and 45 per cent travelers book their stay based on the offers and discounts available to them,” OYO said.

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