Came into this IPL with enough overs under my belt: Krishna

The batsman is moving around in the crease trying to confuse the bowler. It often works. Unless the famous Krishna is a bowler. The Rajasthan Royals (RR) pacer has developed the habit of reading the batsman’s last minute moves. He chases them with the goal of taunting him for room or goes wide to keep it beyond his arc. Beyond skill, it is mind games in the heat of action which makes the game fascinating to watch.

A rare Indian fast bowler who, due to his ability to generate bounce, is effective with the hit-the-deck style, the 26-year-old is a vital cog in the RR bowling unit. He is the second highest wicket-taker after Purple Cap holder Yuzvendra Chahal with 12 wickets at an economy rate of 7.92.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: What is it like to be a part of the bowling unit of Rajasthan Royals?

(d) The season has been good. I was excited when the team was picked, we had exciting players, a good group of support staff. (I) enjoying my time here with RR. We have had our share of victories, hope to continue this. I consider us one of the better units. We have the experience and the quality and there is a lot of potential for those who haven’t got a chance to play yet.

Q: Bowling is the toughest thing in T20 cricket yet you are in control most of the time. What’s working for you?

It’s just about being clear at the top of the trail so you can run and put your plans into action.

Q: Captain Sanju Samson has often turned to you for the 19th over. How do you see that crucial over?

I have always been excited to bowl in crisis situations. If you can get the team moving, there’s nothing like it. I have days when things don’t go my way so I have learned from them. I have played 30-35 matches now, so I am using that experience. As far as I am concerned, it is about who has how many overs left in that time. I am happy to do this job of bowling in the crunch overs for RR.

Q: How do you deal with nerves when you know that an over can be the difference between a win and a loss?

I enjoy it. Obviously, there is pressure. (But) the clearer you are, the calmer you are and that’s all I want to do. I know my areas, I’ve set my game plans, I’ve done my homework as to who I should bowl to. Then it’s about going out there and executing things.

Q: Which performance has been the most satisfactory?

I hit (Marcus) Stoinis (vs LSG in the 19th over) for two sixes, it was a good lesson for me. (About satisfactory people) One over to Pollard against MI, in the match against KKR and against DC. It is a collection of being aware of that particular situation and relying on the exercises you do.

Q: Your performance shows that you are a better version of yourself. What kind of work has been done in this?

The most important fact is the amount of cricket I have played in RR. I have been in touch with the game, was part of the Indian team against West Indies and then we had the Ranji Trophy. I had a lot of overs under my belt, so my body felt good. I was in a bowling rhythm. Even after coming here, the bowling unit has sat down and there has been enough discussion as to what each needs to do in each situation. So, it is a collection of everything put together.

Q: Most bowlers have a clear role to play, either in the powerplays or the middle overs. You are being used in different situations. When you are told that you will get the next over, how quickly do you need to gather your thoughts?

In T20, you need to be ready to bowl any over and I know when there is a crisis, I can come in. I go and talk to Sanju, there is Jose (Butler), Boulty (Trent Boult), there is a lot of experience there. We have a discussion, it’s just about getting ready. That’s another thing we talked about, anybody can bowl any over in any particular situation. As long as you’re up for it, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Q: What does the Man of the Series award against West Indies mean to you?

Personally, I was only thinking about the process of taking one ball at a time. It took me some effort to think of it and for me to feel that it worked. I took nine wickets. If I can play that (attitude) and take it anywhere, that would be a great thing for me.

Q: You’ve worked under Glenn McGrath and Jeff Thomson. What is the most important piece of advice from him? Who is the coach with whom you take feedback and discuss your bowling?

Both Glenn and Thomson gave me the freedom to be who I am, just run and bowl like I do. Both were emphasizing how important it is to be persistent. Also, if I have to talk to anyone about bowling, it is Onkar Salvi for the last four years because I was with KKR and we had a very good rapport. So, if there is such a conversation when it comes to technical stuff, I call it. And now that we have Lasith Malinga, I don’t think there is anyone with the same experience as him.

Q: We know how you approach your over but what do you call Kuldeep Sen who is debuting this season?

He has been very impressive in practice games. Everyone knows he can bowl fast and tough lengths. When I am talking to him I say he has to remember the good areas he has to bowl, keep it very simple. If he’s confident about trying something, he can go ahead and try it.

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