England aim to continue ‘in entertainment business’ as Ben Stokes aims 3-0

at some point, Ben Stokes may have to wait Urged his team to do bigger and better, But for now, the England captain has encouraged his players to “think we are in the entertainment business” when they step into Headingley for the third Test against New Zealand.

Maintaining a 2-0 lead on the back of a brilliant series-cleaning victory at trent bridgeStokes, inspired by new head coach Brendon McCullum, is clearly in no mood to dial things up. With this in mind, England has chosen Jamie Overton made his debut early on, He will come into the starting XI – the only change for James Anderson – who will not take the risk after reporting ankle issues earlier in the week.

Overton has been seen clocking 90 mph in the County Championship this season, where he has taken 21 Division One wickets at an average of 21.61. It’s as much a reward for form, a feeling of potential and the fact that players like Jofra Archer, Mark Wood and Olly Stone are injured – all the X-factor proposition with their express pace that Stokes believes. Overton would bring to the party.

“I would always like to make a difference with my bowling attack,” Stokes said. “Obviously Jimmy and Jamie are completely different bowlers. But it’s a great opportunity for us to see the England team who can bowl fast because we don’t have Stoney, Woody or Jofra to do that.” are moment.

“We all know how big a role pace can play in a team, especially when the wicket is flat and you’re looking to break the partnership. It’s always good to have someone who can bowl fast in your back pocket.”

It was in 2020 when Stokes got his first exposure of Overton’s gifts. Overton was selected for Team Stokes during a closed-door intra-squad game at the Ageas Bowl, after being named in a 55-man training group selected during the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic. Asked to cast a hostile spell from Bumper, he duly delivered. “Jamie was part of that group at the Ageas Bowl in 2020 and I remember when I asked him to come and bowl fast and short at the batsmen, he bowled six overs of it and it was very impressive,” Stokes said. “He’s definitely got the attitude and quality to be an international player, which is what he managed to call this week.”

Fire in the attack could be the only thing that is missing from the outlandish cricket played by England in this series against New Zealand. In fact, it’s been something the team yearned for, except in fleeting moments when they’ve been able to call on Wood, Archer or Stone. Of course, to excel at this level, Overton has to balance control and deceit.

But Overton would be encouraged to express herself and enjoy the opportunity as much as the onlookers. Apart from ensuring a 3-0 win, Stokes is looking to continue playing for the crowd as he did during a remarkable final day of the second Test at Trent Bridge last week. In return, he expects something akin to Jonny Bairstow’s miraculous, boundary-stuffed 136.

“We want to walk away from the series with a three-nil win because it looks better than 2-1. But, as I told the boys before they start training today, the results will see for themselves this week. Let’s move on.” What have you been doing for the past two weeks and try and think we are in the entertainment business not the sports business this week.

He said, “Last week it was exactly what you saw on the fifth day. For us it was just a matter of chasing the run down, not how many overs were there. At one point of time we didn’t pay attention to that. I think It was. It was very clear from the fact that we knocked him out in 16 overs last season. Me and Johnny just decided it was time to put as much pressure on him as we could. And that’s what we Doing this week.

“There will come a time, at some point this week, we [will] To do with ball or bat. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw something similar to Johnny’s last week, because I’m sure if any of our guys join in they’ll want to do something. Maybe not as good as what Johnny did last week, but something like that.”

Sure, Stokes hopes to be one of those “boys” Zak Crowley, The opener is the only batsman from England to record a half-century in this series and averages just 14 after 4 and a nil in the second Test.

“I definitely hope he’s feeling like this could be his week. But Zak is a team man. You know it’s always frustrating when you’re struggling to score runs yourself, But there’s a reason Zak is in this team. Because everyone knows what a player he is and what a great future he has in England shirts. But Zak, last week wasn’t doing well and Poppy and Johnny were good Seeing him perform, he won’t be surprised. Winning is the most important thing for him. Zak is a quality player, we know a big score is on the way. And when he does, it will definitely be entertaining “

Fans usually come to Headingley full of expectation, given that the venue throws more than its fair share of classics. Looking at how the home team is performing at the moment, this will be increased manifold. As it happens, this will be the first time that Stokes has played in any kind of international match since that heist against Australia in 2019, which, Trent Bridge, had no recent equivalent until 2022 when it was the bottomless English Test. It was a matter of victory.

Stokes, standing on the outfield, smiled, “He really had the highlights on the big screen, which was great to look back.”

“It’s always a great place to play here as an England cricketer. You get great support, we always have and I’m sure we always will. Is it Western Terrace? It’s a good stand. We Always like to play here. The only bad thing is the size of the changing room, everything is good about the ground.”

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