Exclusive: Ashok Gehlot’s Total Takedown of Sachin Pilot

Sachin Pilot betrayed the Congress, said Ashok Gehlot.

Pali, Rajasthan:

Ashok Gehlot has maintained his calm. In an exclusive interview with NDTV, the Rajasthan Chief Minister took time out from campaigning with Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat to deliver his biggest criticism yet of Sachin Pilot, whom he called a ‘traitor’ six times in the conversation.

“a critical (Traitor) cannot be the chief minister.” He said, “The high command cannot make Sachin Pilot the chief minister. Who revolted He betrayed the party, (he) is a traitor.”

He was keen to elaborate completely. “It should be a first for India that a party president tried to topple his own government,” he said of Mr Pilot’s infamous rebellion in 2020, a rebellion which Mr Gehlot said, without presenting any evidence carried out, “was funded by the BJP” and supported by senior BJP leaders including Amit Shah.

NDTV has reached out to Mr Pilot for comment and will update this report with his response.

At that point, Mr Pilot, who had by then served nearly two years as deputy chief minister, moved to a five-star resort near Delhi along with an entourage of 19 legislators. This was a direct challenge to the Congress: either he was promoted as Chief Minister, or he walked out of the Congress, leaving the party split in one of the few states it controlled (since then greatly reduced in number). declined).

But Himmat, for his entire journey to the national capital, had no legs. Mr Pilot, 45, was easily outclassed by Mr Gehlot, 26 years his senior, who also held his show of strength at the five-star resort, which counted over 100 MLAs. There was no competition, as it turned out.

Mr. Pilot, having failed, had to accept the consequences. A reconciliation was brokered with the Congress; As punishment, he was removed as president of the Congress in his home state, a role which exerted significant influence over the cadre; He was also sacked from the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Mid-revolt, Mr Gehlot alleged in his interview with NDTV, Mr Pilot met with two senior Union ministers in Delhi. “Amit Shah and Dharmendra Pradhan were involved. They (including Pilot) had a meeting in Delhi,” he said, again without back-up, of the MLAs who sided with his rival, adding, “some 5 crore, some 10. In fact, the money was raised from the BJP office in Delhi. Mr. Gehlot also said that Camp Pilot was visited by Mr. Pradhan at a time when Congress emissaries were not given entry .

The BJP termed Mr. Gehlot’s claim as baseless.

BJP’s Rajasthan chief Satish Poonia said, “Congress leadership has failed to put its house in order. Congress is losing Rajasthan, so Gehlot is disappointed. Gehlot is blaming BJP for his failure.”

After Mr Pilot returned to the Congress, the aspirant for the top job in Rajasthan but there was still an uneasy calm. Until August, when Sonia Gandhi, who needed to find a successor as party president, leaned on Mr Gehlot to take the job. He made it clear that this was not an offer he was interested in – yet, he suggested that, after several days of trying to turn it down, he would take it up if he was allowed to remain Prime Minister. can complete. So, two posts for that. The rebuke was swift. Rahul Gandhi publicly stated “one man one post” as the party’s principle.

A meeting of Rajasthan legislators was held in the last week of September to decide who should be made chief minister if Mr Gehlot is reappointed as party boss. But instead of coming to the official meeting in Jaipur, over 90 MLAs associated with Mr. Gehlot held a parallel session where they decided that Mr. Pilot was not an acceptable option and that whoever became Congress President (i.e. Mr. Gehlot) would There should be a final vote. ,

Mr Gehlot was decried by the Congress – and by Team Pilot – for now staging a rebellion of his own. “The MLAs were not loyal to the chief minister (me),” admitted Mr. Gehlot, “they were loyal to the high command.” Underlining that he was not present at the controversial meeting, he said it is Mr Pilot who bears the blame as he floated the theory that he was getting the job. He said, “Rumours were spread that Sachin Pilot would be made the Chief Minister. He himself propagated it. People thought he was going to become the Chief Minister… This angered the MLAs because after trying to topple their own government How can he become the chief minister?” He is of the same opinion. “I agree – how can one critical To be made Chief Minister?”

Mr. Gehlot, during his conversation, emphasized that his loyalty to the Gandhis was a career-long one. He said, “Whatever I have is because of him.” Key players who held a meeting in his support in September were to be punished, the party said, but it remains an unfulfilled threat, as Mr Pilot complained days ago (his resentment against Mr Gehlot is a recent pattern is formed).

Asked to reflect on the root cause of his problems with Mr Pilot, the chief minister said he was at a loss. In fact, he claimed, in 2009, when the UPA was elected for a second term, it was he who recommended that the junior politician be made a Union minister.

As far as Mr Pilot is concerned, the fundamental issue is that the Congress, upon winning Rajasthan in 2018, vowed that the chief minister’s job would be rotated between him and Mr Gehlot, with the latter debating first. Mr Pilot says he has been constantly sidelined by Mr Gehlot, who he says at one point tapped the phones of his supporters, to press him politically.

Mr Gehlot says he never understood Mr Pilot’s allegation of “sidelining” him. He also says that it is an illusion that Mr Pilot was promised an equal term as Chief Minister. “The question does not arise. But if he (Pilot) still says, then ask Rahul Gandhi (if this situation had ever arisen).”

Gehlot said his clear stand that Mr Pilot “can’t be chief minister” does not mean he could stage a new rebellion if that indeed happens, though it sounds more like an offer than an assurance to him. was appearing. as “hypothetical” (most of the questions regarding the future of his role through Mr. Pilot were tagged by him as hypothetical).

Asked if the Congress would choose him to lead its campaign in Rajasthan – elections are barely a year away – Mr Gehlot said, “For the first time, there is no anti-incumbency wave in Rajasthan.” In other words, the party’s choice is clear. The rest is politics.

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