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have you ever been to India? If yes, then when you study further, you cherish those memories of visiting the princely state. If not, you can get lost in the fantasy world, wondering what the place would actually be like. When we refer to the term princely state, we speak of the only state in India that has served kings and seen over a hundred years or more than eleven different kingdoms. If you are a person who wants to get to know the history deeply and is surrounded by different cultures, then Rajasthan is the place where you should plan your next destination trip to India. There are some similar experiences in this state that await you:

  • Incredible historical fort and palace

Rajasthan is mainly known to include many people. Forts and palaces. The royal state of India has the most magnificent and magnificent palaces, which compliment its elegant architectural design. Some of them, which serve as a serious cure for the eyes, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Patwali’s Havliya, Jaisalmer, etc. Tourists often admire the fort whose beauty and collectivity Mehrangarh Fort, Amer Fort , Is the Amer Fort. Junagadh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, etc. These forts and palaces are true evidences of the glamorous past that convey the royal aura from every corner.

  • Enchanting lakes Which reflects the beauty of nature

In the world image, Rajasthan is known as a place that is surrounded by desserts. But, as a wonderful gift of nature, this state also has some pleasant lakes. Boat rides in such lakes give tourists a lot of amazement. This is because rising through the Rajasthani lakes offers beautiful scenic views located on the shores of attractive ghats, temples and palaces. The lush green hills and lofty landscape can serve as a wonderful backdrop for your tour pictures. Some of the attractive lakes of Rajasthan are Pichola Lake (in Udaipur), Man Sagar Lake (in Jaipur), Pushkar Lake (in Pushkar), etc.

  • Temples in Rajasthan – Complete spiritual center

This state of India leads to royal palaces and forts and symbolizes its grandeur on the Indian map to carry the strong essence of spirituality and religion. Every temple here is architecturally magnificent and has a charm that makes them a true spiritual work. Many temples in Rajasthan were built in the 8th or 10th century, but today they look as if they were built yesterday. This freshness and soulful existence attracts a large number of locals as well as tourists every year. Some of these temples that you must visit are Brahma Temple (Pushkar), Dilwara Temple (Mount Abu), Govind Devji Temple (Jaipur), Mehndipur Balaji Temple (Dausa) etc.

  • A thrilling experience of Rajasthan’s wildlife

If you want to see the diverse and incredible wildlife, then it is worth choosing Rajasthan as your next destination on your tour of India. The state also houses wonderful sanctuaries as well as national parks which are one of the tourist attractions. Exciting and some exciting sights can be experienced in the popular Ranthambore National Park located in Sawai Madhopur. Another amazing park to visit in Rajasthan is Sariska Tiger Sanctuary which is located in Alwar. Both wildlife sites gained their fame due to the tiger population. The next delightful national park in the list is Keoladeo National Park located in Bharatpur. This national park is particularly known for a large number of migratory birds. If you want to see the wonderful creations of God present here, it would be awesome if you want to take a safari trip in such national parks or sanctuaries.

  • Exciting and wild outdoor activities to try in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has many wonderful elements to offer adventurous spirits. Adventure tours are planned for tourists at many places in Rajasthan, and tourists love them. Speed ​​boating, trekking, hot air balloon, zip-lining etc. are the activities that you can try in Rajasthan. Another great activity to try in Rajasthan is cycling in the pink city of Jaipur. Telling Jaipur about a bicycle ride is enough to offer you from historic-cultural treasures to exquisite rural towns with friendly locals. In addition, many tour operators take bicycle trips to Jaipur and many cities across Rajasthan. If you are an adventurer, then you should not give up any of these activities on your trip to Rajasthan.

  • Authentic dish of this state

Your trip to Rajasthan will be incomplete if you miss authentic enticing dishes. Dal Baati or Puri Rajasthani Thali (many dishes served in a single thali) is actually a food of this royal kingdom. If you want to try authentic Rajasthani food at the best place here, then you must visit Choki Dhani. Choki Dhani is a place that not only serves pure Rajasthani cuisine but also entertains its visitors with folk dances, artistes and many similar cultural performances. Other delightful features of Choki Dhani are the warm hospitality, the amazing atmosphere, and the real royal veneer, which inevitably pays the visitor here.

This culturally rich state of India has enough scenic spots to impress tourists. Going here will give a freshness to your soul which can bring more royal energy in you. The fascinating scenery and blissful culture is truly divine. In fact, this place is called the land of kings.

Take a trip to Rajasthan, discover its beauty, and take the royal memories back to your city!


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