Gear Up For Monsoon With These Travel Essentials

While monsoon brings to the air with its mild earthy fragrance, painting everything in bright colours, it is a difficult time for travelers who are looking to hang out and explore. Still, the travel bug bites at its best this season, and you shouldn’t let the torrential downpour dampen your enthusiasm. Here are some travel essentials that will keep you in good shape when you put on your shoes and set out on a monsoon trip:

waterproof luggage

Imagine the horror of finding your clothes and, even worse, your gadgets, dripping with water when outside on a trip. Well, chances are, it could actually happen. This is why waterproof luggage is the first step to a safe journey during monsoons. Brands like Orpio, Zion and Polestar offer moisture resistant, tear proof and durable bags that can withstand the onslaught of nature just like you.

waterproof your devices

While rain-resistant bags are nice, you may still need an extra layer of protection for the little screen in your pocket on your next trip. Silica gel is your savior here. The silica gel acts as a desiccant, sucking the moisture out of your device, lest you find yourself stuck on a rainy hill. Additionally, pack waterproof pouches and bags for your cameras and laptop.

waterproof case for smartphone

right shoes

Hills, hills, valleys. While these may be at their best during monsoons, your chances of slipping and injuring yourself also increase exponentially in the absence of the right footwear. What you need are waterproof shoes that provide good grip on difficult terrain. You can pick from the ones offered by Crocs, Decathlon and Woodland (they’re pricey but well worth the money).

Waterproof, washable shoes are a great option for monsoons

weather friendly clothes

While your favorite cotton dress may look great on vacation, it’s quite possible that it won’t hold up well with drenching or dirt on it. Nylon, polyester, rayon and other synthetic fabrics are lightweight, and dry quickly, so you don’t have to change frequently. Adidas and H&M offer good raincoat and jacket options to choose from, and you can also invest in a water-repellent spray to protect your clothing.

Choose a synthetic fabric or a durable raincoat for the trek

Don’t forget your sunscreen and repellant

The biggest skincare myth is that one doesn’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day. well, you are wrong. To avoid sunburn, use a good sunscreen whenever you go out. Juicy Chemicals Camellia & Red Raspberry Sunscreen is eco-friendly (it’s rock safe) and also provides deep moisturization to the skin. Also, invest in a good mosquito repellent (we all know that mosquitoes love a good rain). Kama Ayurveda’s Natural Insect Repellent and Forest Essentials Herb Infused Mosquito Repellent are good options.

A good sunscreen is a must for monsoon travel


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