‘He’s gone better and better’ – Mike Hesson praises Wanindu Hasaranga for match-winning fifer against SRH

Hasaranga bounced back with figures of 5/18 in RCB’s 67-run win against SRH.

Royal Challengers Bangalore. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

Royal Challengers Bangalore Celebrating their 67-run win against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Match 54 of IPL 2022. In the RCB game day video, head coach Sanjay Bangar, Mike Hesson – director of cricket operations at RCB, captain Faf du Plessis and RCB spinner Wanindu Hasaranga share. His thoughts and highlights of the match.

RCB head coach Sanjay Bangar said:

“A great win and we needed it behind CSK’s win, I think it’s very special in terms of what we love about the CSK game, it’s that everyone contributed that made us want to be there. Got the confidence, to play really well. The conditions were really tough for the batsmen out there, but credit to all the batsmen going out there works for us, so from that perspective I thought we scored well on the board.

“At Silver, we always had faith in his abilities and he was really the one who took the pressure off the first six overs. We really felt the pressure in the first two overs after we lost Virat on the first ball of the match, but the way he handled and at one point in the powerplay 43 runs for the loss of one was also a very good achievement at the time. time.

“They went from strength to strength and that laid the foundation for other batsmen to come and play. What happens is that yes, the wicket slows down, the ball also becomes soft but the more the batsman bats 30-40 balls, he also gets tired. It was DK’s infusion because he was fresh, and he could really take on the bowlers so at one point we were also looking at Faf coming back as he was really ripe at that point in time but all 3 partnerships that he could achieve. managed to score 190 runs were very important for us,” he said.

Speaking about Wanindu Hasaranga taking 5 wickets, Sanjay Bangar said:

“The pitch was prepared for the spinners and once you get those kinds of wickets the really good spinners make it count and this is where the way Hasranga mixed up his flight was beautiful to watch, and he Kept bowling that length. It’s really special for everyone to come together and perform like this and so far they didn’t get easy wickets as they were always looking for jerks but in the end they had the opportunity and made sure that was through the tail. Run away. Immediately.” He added.

Mike Hesson, Director of Cricket Operations at RCB, said after the win:

“It was obviously a big game for us. The day’s play took a lot of us out but we were put under pressure early on and obviously Rajat and Faf set up the innings for us which was really important. Really perfect performance. He kind of packs a punch, he usually ground himself a lot and generated a lot of power and a lot of leverage from there, so everyone was struggling to get the ball tight on the surface, and He took a few deliveries to line it up and then from that point on he flipped the switch and obviously the last over gave us momentum in our bowling performance.

“Hasranga gets better and better as the tournament progresses what you want and gets a little bit of confidence, understands his role in the side and wickets like these are ideal for his bowling. Even on various flat surfaces he is able to roll it well and he is capable of taking big wickets for us. If we look at the 20 or 21 wickets he has got, he is a top-order guy. Those who have set those middle overs have been very important for us.

RCB captain Faf du Plessis said:

“It is obviously pleased it has played a part in winning us today, the very important game where we are in competition and a wonderful day for all. It’s a real good team effort once again, I thought it was a really good score on that wicket. The day’s play is a bit slow but it was spinning so it worked well today.

“It was a difficult wicket when you came in, you just couldn’t come in and play strokes, even DK didn’t take the first two or three deliveries but then he is in such good form that he is going to miss are not. on four-five balls in a row so the encouragement he gave at the end of the innings was important, I was really tired so I was struggling to find a little bit of power so you need someone on the other side who can just almost Give him a strike and he can do damage and he continues to do that for us. ,

Man of the Match and star RCB spinner Wanindu Hasaranga said:

“It is the first fiver in IPL and it is my career best career in T20, so I am really happy. For me, I am the option to take wickets for the team as well. That’s what the captain and the coaching staff expect from me, so that’s what I want to do in the middle overs. I want to keep the pressure going for the opposite side, and I always try to take wickets and try to get as many dot balls as possible.

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