How Harjit Singh Rai is changing face of trailers and promoting a culture of safe travel & adventure

Half an hour from Chandigarh, the roads pass idly to the small village of Nandiyali near Fatehgarh Sahib, rejoicing in a green cover under a blue sky. For Harjit Singh Rai, it is ‘Janmabhoomi’ and ‘Karmabhoomi’, where he grew up, and returned with a dream to do something for his country.

After achieving success overseas, Rai made a base in India in 2016 and set up his own trailer company. Today, the Bullston Group of Industries is an industry leader in world-class Horse Trailers and Floats, Multi Utility Trailers and Camping Trailers.

The Trailblazer: “I was about 25 when I left home for Italy in 2000,” Rae weaves in an amusing story that took him to a farm in Verona, Italy, where he fell in love with horses Went. Farming is in Rai’s blood, and it was natural for him to work with animals. Getting to Italy back in the day was cheap, but challenging. The language barrier, discrimination and waiving working hours didn’t make any difference to Rai. Determined to succeed, he chose Italian, worked double shifts, practiced for months, earned his riding license and got into it professionally. “Italians believe you’re not a good rider until you’ve fallen a hundred times. My strength has been show jumping and it has made me fearless.” He continued to compete as a showjumper in arenas dominated by Europeans until 2010. “Equestrian sport is an elite sport run by wealthy white Europeans with million-dollar horses. I was one of the few Indian contestants, and I remember a friend lent me a million dollar horse for a competition,” says Rai, who worked in several businesses, and moved to the USA with his family Went.

Once in India, he often went to the Pushkar Horse Trade Show. “The treatment of the horses, how carelessly they were being herded and transported in open trucks, exposing them to serious injury was disturbing.” Rai approached a German company for distribution of horse trailers in India, but he declined to see any possibilities here. It only inspired Rai to create his own brand. “I know horses. I decided to use my knowledge, resources to build horse trailers that have Italian design, German precision and American style,” says Rae, a self-taught self-taught who is also a welder Facing setbacks, he innovated, participated in horse shows and created awareness about safe transportation of horses. He designed and manufactured dog trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers. Large scale tankers, helicopters Between Boeing and Boeing, the Bullston exhibited at America’s prestigious AUSA (Army Association of the United States) Defense Fair in 2019, and is now exporting to Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The First Mover: Rae’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to innovate, develop and grow, and his next project was conceived during COVID-19, “Covid has changed the way we live, travel and experience adventure. People want to celebrate the holidays, but in a safe, clean way. Solo female travelers looking for safer alternatives, millennials wanting personal vacations, removed from the disconnected enclosure of a hotel room, family/friends looking to explore new destinations. Immersive life and immersive experience is the new adventure. ,

Being the first mover, Rai revamped the market with ‘genuine made in India from scratch’ travel sized bumper pull camping trailers that can be mounted on any crossover vehicle. With a chic kitchenette, shower, queen-size bed and bunker bed, 3-day battery back up, solar panels from water storage and charging points, roof top tent options, a solid steel body with interlocking and more Wood finish, camping trailer weighs less than 700kg and is suitable for all terrain. “Camping trailer was a post-retirement plan, but now, the desire to work from home, be close to nature and experience the great outdoors, and state governments like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Himachal are setting up proper camping sites. People are investing in them. ,” says Rai, who has clients from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and the North East. With these trailers, he is also promoting a culture of safe travel, “Tents are vulnerable to any kind of attacks.”

Being the first mover, Rai (above) rocked the market with ‘genuine made in India from scratch’ bumper pull camping trailers that can be attached to any crossover vehicle.

A Challenging Ride: There are obstacles in the road to success, and opinions have had their share. “I displayed my trailers everywhere from 2016 to 2018, and hardly got any response because the biggest challenge is awareness, education on safety, on quality. Covid has overtaken us too,” says Rai, who now exports to Canada, New Zealand, USA and soon Australia. Another ongoing challenge is to establish a pan-India service network. “We make sure there is 24-hour service.”

Rai advises, “One has to give time, patience and practice to one’s business, still go for long rides, and stay close to nature to rejuvenate.

Road Map: Rae plans to revive a magazine he had long run under the name Horseblaze. There are projects in the pipeline that he is actively working on – opening the Mini Decathlon to an affordable range of extreme adventure equipment and gear, and rolling out luxe motorhomes, recreational vehicles and caravans.


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