IND vs ENG 5th Test: Duke ball is too soft, loses shape very quickly and doesn’t swing much

This season something is wrong with Duke’s ball, the brand of ball used in India’s only Test match England, They don’t bend much because they soften very quickly and have been replaced several times.

Stuart Broad has compared it to “rolled-up plasticine”, with commentators shouting in the air about its size, Kane WilliamsonThe U.S. men have repeatedly complained to the umpires about it, and it has been changed several times in the last county season and in one game in England’s series against New Zealand. In this year’s county match between Durham and Glamorgan, the ball was changed 11 times, including five in one day.

Dilip Jajodia, owner of the company that makes Deux Ball, says that although he has not yet identified the exact cause of the balls losing their shape, he suspects it is due to problems in the tanning process.

“My guess is, there is some technical issue in the process of tanning that goes back months. We really still haven’t identified what the problem is. Because the process of tanning and dyeing is very important and if something goes wrong , if someone mixes a certain percentage of chemicals that are not quite right, the dye comes from another manufacturer; all these little things affect the natural raw material…

“It’s not a machine-engineered product. It’s a hand-crafted, finished product. If a problem comes up, you have to live with it. You have to work your way through it. And I’ll give you a go.” Can tell, we are managing the problem,” said Jajodia Indian Express,

Dilip Jajodia, owner of Duke Ball making company. (file)

Broad had openly criticized the ball in his column just before the Test series against New Zealand. “They are not swings and because they soften very quickly, there is no bounce,” Broad wrote in his Mail on Sunday column. “Things are so bad that we have to change the ball two or three times in every innings. Felt bowling is made with a rolled piece of plasticine and the balls are so soft that you feel like you can squeeze them even before you throw the ball with them. In the first innings against Derbyshire this week, the ball broke after 3.3 overs and turned after eight.

Jajodia’s response to Broad’s allegations begins with a light dig, before admitting that there have been some problems with the raw material this season.

“Wait a minute. Mr. Broad, every time he appeals, he thinks the batsman is out, no matter what the umpire’s opinion is. Look, we put our hands up. We really don’t know what the problem is.” What is. We have a problem with leather. Now, it is a natural raw material and the journey to make the product is a long one. It goes back to the covid era when the tannery probably lacked staff or they replaced a chemical Who knows? We don’t know. We’re trying to reduce it. But once that leather is in the process, you can’t suddenly change course,” says Jajodia.

He reacts to players’ discontent with a hint of sarcasm. “When you notice, it is always the case that they are not getting wickets (they complain). Now it has become a standard practice. In fact, (senior journalist) Scylde Berry has a very good suggestion that there should be a limit on the appeal to change the ball, like the DRS, because it is becoming a joke. It has become a group thing. In Australia, he has had a fourth umpire with extra balls over the years. He keeps changing the ball all the time.

“We are very proud to say that our cricket balls are absolutely fine. When you have an inherent problem with raw materials, there’s nothing you can do other than use all of your knowledge – push the cups hard, do the milling, which is what we’re doing. And gradually it will automatically work out of the system. I can’t suddenly, miraculously make new balls that won’t go out of shape and be perfect. But having said all that, there were three results, a good game of cricket and the only inconvenience was the man coming over and over again to change the ball. ,

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