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NEW DELHI: Two Indian judokas and their coaches who were embroiled in a controversy involving women athletes Spain Where he went for an exposure trip, he has been given a “clean-chit” of the charges against him, a coach said on Wednesday.
The trio were recalled on Monday from a month-long trip to Spain after it was revealed they were involved in an unpleasant and “serious incident” involving female athletes from the host country.
A SAI coach told PTI on condition of anonymity, “The women have written in writing that the Indians were not involved in the incident. So no complaint was made against them. They will return to India tomorrow (Thursday)”. are coming.”
Judo Federation of Indiawhich is run by the Administrator Justice Pankaj Naqvikhad said in a statement that the Indian athletes were involved in “any serious incident”, although it did not specify whether it was a dispute or something else.
“We have received a message from the Indian Judo team in Spain. something serious happened, so JFI India is calling back the players involved in this case.
A 30-member Indian contingent, including judokas for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, is currently in Alicante, Benidorm, Spain. This is his first exposure trip after the COVID-19 pandemic.
He participated in the Madrid European Open and will be part of the European International Training Camp.

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