Indian Railways launches ‘baby berths’ for passengers travelling with infants

baby berth in trains Indian Rail In an effort to improve the rail travel experience for passengers traveling with babies, we have taken a new step. To make train travel more convenient and comfortable for those traveling with children, the national transporter has fitted a foldable “baby berth” for infant passengers on the side of the lower main berth of the Lucknow Mail train. A PTI report said that the move is part of a pilot project. According to officials cited in the report, based on the feedback received by rail passengers on the new product, a plan will be drawn up to expand the concept of baby berths to other train services.

As per the report, the baby berths, which are fitted in the lower main berth of Lucknow Mail, can be folded up when not in use and can also be secured with a stopper. Baby birth is aligned with main birth. On 27 April 2022, two baby berths measuring 770 mm in length, 255 mm in width and 76.2 mm in height were fitted in main berths 12 and 60 of the second cabin at both ends of the coaches of Lucknow Mail train. ,

The report quoted an official of the Northern Railway zone as saying that this has been done on a trial basis. However, the move will be expanded after receiving positive response from rail passengers. Once the Railways tries it out more and registers the response, the Indian Railways will put the required details at the Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), where it can be booked on request by passengers, the official added.

The Baby Birth Booking System will be like the one Indian Railways currently uses to provide lower berths to senior citizens. Hence, once a rail passenger says yes to travel with the child, the national transporter will offer them a berth. However, at present, it is in an early stage, a Northern Railway official said. At present, there is no arrangement for booking lower berths for female passengers traveling with infants.


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