Maharashtra Political Crisis Live Updates: Supreme Court to hear Shiv Sena’s floor test plea at 5 pm; Big meeting of BJP at 2 pm, rebels will fly around 3:30 pm

It went viral on Tuesday.

Shinde told reporters in Guwahati, where a large group of MLAs supporting him have been camping for a week, he would reach Mumbai along with all the MLAs of his group. Shinde, who came out of the luxury hotel in Guwahati, home of the insurgent group for the past one week, said he had offered prayers at the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati for peace and prosperity of the people of Maharashtra.

The opposition BJP on Tuesday night urged Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to direct the crisis-hit Maha Vikas Aghadi government to prove its majority in the Assembly, while Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray launched a new way of reaching out to rebel Shiv Sena MLAs camping in Guwahati. Tried. to win them. As the political crisis triggered by the rebellion of Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde entered eight days, the BJP began to pressurize the troubled MVA government.

After arriving from New Delhi, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis met Koshyari at the Raj Bhavan in south Mumbai and handed over a letter to him, seeking directions to the MVA government to prove its majority on the floor of the assembly in view of the rebellion in Shiva. Went. The main party in the ruling coalition is Shiv Sena. Former CM, Fadnavis claimed that the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress ruling alliance seemed to be in a minority as 39 Shiv Sena MLAs, who belong to the rebel faction led by cabinet minister Eknath Shinde, have said that they do not support the government.

“Therefore, we submitted a letter to the Governor, requesting him to ask the government to prove majority in the House to prove its majority,” the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly told reporters. Referring to various Supreme Court judgments, Fadnavis said in the letter that since a majority in the House is “supreme” in a parliamentary democracy and is essential for the survival of the government, he was requesting the Governor to send the Chief Minister to the Chief Minister at the earliest. Ask to prove majority.

Fadnavis met top BJP leaders, including party president JP Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, in New Delhi earlier in the day, before meeting the governor at around 10 pm. According to sources, before the former CM landed at the Raj Bhavan, eight independent MLAs, who were earlier associated with the Shiv Sena, sent emails from Guwahati – where the Shinde-led rebel group is camping – demanding a floor test at the earliest. Used to be. The Thackeray government has lost majority.

Once again approaching the disgruntled MLAs of Shiv Sena, CM Thackeray urged them to return to Mumbai and hold talks with them, saying “it is not too late”, but rebel leader Shinde remained adamant and said his support The MLAs who do this are determined to advance Hindutva. A day earlier the CM, who is also the Shiv Sena president, stripped the portfolios of all nine rebel ministers, including Shinde, and struck a fresh settlement against the backdrop of the Supreme Court granting relief to the estranged legislators.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, however, intensified the rhetoric against the rebels and warned that those who have betrayed the party leadership should not be able to roam freely. Thackeray’s offer to fix the fence comes against the backdrop of controversial statements made by some Shiv Sena leaders, especially Raut, whose statement of “40 bodies without souls” was stirred.

“It is not too late. I appeal to you to come back and sit with me and clear the confusion (arising from your actions) among Shiv Sainiks and the public,” said a statement from Thackeray’s aide. Quoted. “If you come back and face me, a way can be found. As party president and head of the family, I still care about you,” he said.

Thackeray said the family members of some rebel MLAs who were camping in Guwahati are in touch with him. “You are stuck in Guwahati for the past few days. Every day new information is coming out about you and many of you are also in touch. In your heart, you are still with Shiv Sena,” he said.

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