Maharashtra Political Crisis Live Updates: Thackeray reassigns portfolios of rebel ministers; ED summoned Sanjay Raut on Tuesday

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Maharashtra minister and Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray raises his hand at supporters as he leaves Shiv Sena Bhavan after a meeting with party workers in Dadar, Mumbai, Sunday, June 26, 2022. (PTI)

Addressing Yuva Sena workers in Mumbai on Sunday, Yuva Sena president and minister Aaditya Thackeray criticized the central government after it decided to provide CRPF security to rebel MLAs who were camping at a hotel in Guwahati.

Referring to the recent killings of Kashmiri Pandits, Aditya said instead of providing security to these MLAs, “Provide security to our Kashmiri Pandits and make them safe first”.

“We are demanding equal CRPF security for Kashmiri Pandits, but it was not given and these rebel MLAs are being given security,” he said. Some other Shiv Sena leaders also targeted the Center for providing security to the CRPF.

Senior Congress leader Ajay Kumar on Sunday alleged that the BJP-led Assam government is busy serving ‘cocktail-mocktails’ to disgruntled Maharashtra MLAs camping at a luxury hotel here, but not even providing free drinking water to the flood-affected people. is getting State.

He claimed that people have to pay money to get their right relief material.

“The BJP-led government in Assam is serving cocktail-mocktails to Shiv Sena MLAs, but it does not have money to provide drinking water to the flood-affected people,” he told reporters here.

‘या लेखात समाविष्ट असलेल्या कोणत्याही माहिती/सामग्री/गणनाची अचूकता किंवा विश्वसनीयता हमी नाही. ही माहिती विविध माध्यमे / ज्योतिषी / पंचांग / प्रवचन / विश्वास / धर्मग्रंथांमधून गोळा करून तुमच्यासाठी आणली गेली आहे. आमचा हेतू फक्त माहिती पोहोचवणे आहे, त्याच्या वापरकर्त्यांनी ती फक्त माहिती म्हणून घ्यावी. याव्यतिरिक्त, त्याचा कोणताही वापर वापरकर्त्याची स्वतःची जबाबदारी असेल. ‘

‘The accuracy or reliability of any information/material/calculation contained in this article is not guaranteed. This information has been brought to you by collecting from various mediums / astrologers / almanacs / discourses / beliefs / scriptures. Our purpose is only to deliver information, its users should take it as mere information. In addition, any use thereof shall be the responsibility of the user himself.’


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