Nine batsmen of Bengal made a score of more than 50 in a Ranji Trophy match, broke the 129-year-old record. Cricket News – Times of India

Bangalore: Bengal Ranji Trophy The team set a global first-class record on Thursday when all nine batsmen scored half-centuries in a mammoth first innings score of 773 for eight against a hapless Jharkhand on the third day of the quarter-finals.
Till stumps, Jharkhand were 139 for 5 in their first innings and it is almost impossible to stop Bengal from entering the semi-finals as the opposition is now trailing by 634 runs.
The match will be remembered for a record that has stood the test of time since 1893, when the touring Australian team, in a first-class game against the United Universities (Oxford and Cambridge), scored eight of their batsmen for fifty. or scored higher.

For Bengal, skipper Abhimanyu Easwaran (65) along with fellow opener Abhishek Raman (61) reached the milestone.
After this, Sudip Gharami (186) and senior-most batsman Anushtup Majumdar (117) played brilliant innings. He added 243 runs for the second wicket.

Bengal Junior Sports Minister Manoj Tiwari (73) also included his name in the list along with Abhishek Porel (68), who did not let Bengal Miss Wriddhiman Saha for once.
RCB all-rounders Shahbaz Ahmed (78) and Sayan Shekhar Mandal (53) also completed half-centuries. Indian cricket But when Akash Deep came on and hit 8 sixes in his 18-ball 53, the global first-class record was broken after 129 years.

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