Not China but India is best tourism market for us: Vietnamese travel company

November 23, 2022 20:54 First

New Delhi, [India]Nov 23 (ANI): India is the best tourism market for Vietnam, said the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vietnam-based Vietravel during a special event at the Embassy of Vietnam in Delhi on Wednesday.
Tran Doan The Duy, CEO of Viatravel, told ANI, “With China completely locked down, India is the best tourism market for us.”
The CEO of vTravel emphasized that they are in the process of providing the best services to Indian tourists visiting Vietnam instead of going to Thailand.
“People love to go to Thailand but Vietnam is becoming a new tourist destination,” said the CEO of Viatravel.

Ambassador of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Hai further suggested, “It is time for Indian tourists to visit Vietnam and explore the thousand years of cultural ties between the two countries, especially the Cham culture and Vietnam’s natural beauty with several UNESCO-recognised sites.” to ascertain the uniqueness of the landscape.” With a direct flight less than 5 hours away, traveling to Vietnam has never been easier for Indians.”
Vietravel will also sign MoU with two key partners of an Indian company for two-way beneficial cooperation between Vietnam-India inbound and outbound tourism.
After a series of successful tourism promotion events in Thailand and Middle Eastern countries in early November 2022, Vietnam’s largest aviation and tourism corporation Viatravel along with the Vietnamese Embassy in India has organized a seminar “Vietnam – A great destination” .
The objective of these activities is to showcase and promote tourism between the two countries in the final season of 2022 to 2023.
While Ashok Singh CEO, Loyal Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi said, “Today on the occasion of 77th anniversary of National Day of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, signed MoU for DMC with Indian Travel Trades at Embassy of Vietnam, New Delhi. It is win-win for both. Medical tourism including Country and tourism will increase India is the hub of medical treatment in Asia India and Vietnam relations are very strong (ANI)


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