Pakistan vs West Indies, 2nd ODI: Imam-ul-Haq run out due to angry reaction after mix-up with Babar Azam | cricket news

Imam-ul-Haq was run out in the second ODI against West Indies.© Instagram

imam ul haq And Babar Azmi He then put on a 120-run partnership to stabilize Pakistan. Fakhar ZamanAfter being dismissed early in the second ODI against West Indies in Multan, but a mix-up between the two meant that the former had to go back to the pavilion to score 72 runs. In the 28th over, Imam, who reached a half-century just after Babar, hit the ball towards midwicket. Aqeel Hossein And left for singles. However, Babar was caught on sight of the ball and was not at all interested in scoring runs, sending his partner back when he almost reached the non-striker’s end. as a wicketkeeper Shai Hope Taking off the stumps before Imam reached the crease, the opener angrily jammed his bat to the ground before walking it.

Watch: Imam-ul-Haq reacts angrily after collusion with Babar Azam, leading to his run out

Babar was dismissed just after his half-century.

The Pakistan captain scored 77 runs before being caught and bowled by Aqeel Hossein.

In the second ODI, both Babar and Imam continued their dream form as both scored their sixth consecutive half-centuries in ODIs.

Babar misses to equalize Kumar SangakkaraWorld record for four consecutive ODI centuries.


His knock of 103 runs that helped Pakistan chase down 309 in the first ODI was the second time they registered three consecutive centuries in the 50-over format. He is the only player to achieve this feat.

Imam-ul-Haq scored 65 runs in the first match of the series, while Mohammad Rizwan also scored a half-century.

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