Pat Cummins reveals “one of the first things” he packed on tour. cricket news

Kolkata Knight Riders all-rounder Pat Cummins© BCCI/IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders hasn’t had the best season in IPL 2022. Despite spending huge sums and handing over the reins of the team to a new captain Shreyas IyerThe team has failed to impress this season and currently have 10 points after 12 matches. If they win their remaining two league matches, they still have a mathematical chance of making the play-offs, but will still have to rely on the other team to lose all their games.

The scenario isn’t the best but IPL is as much about serious cricket on the field as it is about him. Most of the players take to their social media handles to inform fans what is happening in their lives off the field and the KKR pacer. Pat Cummins There is a person who loves to interact with his fans and followers on social media.

Cummins shared a video of “one of the first things he packed up during the tour” on Twitter on Wednesday. This is a coffee machine. In the video Cummins makes coffee from the machine and then offers it to a teammate Sam Billings,

Cummins has taken 7 wickets in 5 matches so far. But his biggest impact this season was his 14-ball half-century in his first match of the season when he tied KL RahulThe record for making the fastest fifty in IPL so far.

Umesh Yadav He is the highest wicket-taker for KKR this season with 15 wickets in 10 matches so far.

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