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Preserving its glorious past, Porbandar is still known worldwide for its historic buildings, temples and seashores. Apart from these places to visit in Porbandar, Porbandar is also known as the birthplace of Sudama, a friend of Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Krishna, a Yugapurusha. Today, through this blog, we will introduce you to the different colors of Porbandar. Almost all the cities of Gujarat are beautiful if seen from the point of view of tourism. But Porbandar’s civilization-culture and heritage makes it different from other cities in the state. It is a city that is a suitable tourist destination for all types of tourists.

Even if that tourist is a historical, religious, nature and beach lover. Being a historical city, you will find many historical monuments to visit here. When it is situated on the seashore, you will find many serene and beautiful beaches here. Many ancient and divine temples are located here to make your journey a success. From the point of view of industry and trade, the city is famous for the stones used in building construction. Looking at the Sudamapuri temple of Porbandar, you will remember all those moments of friendship of Shri Krishna-Sudama.

Best places to visit in Porbandar

Porbandar offers a variety of stunning beauty to see in the city and nearby places. It will be easy to explore historical, religious and pleasure places by booking here. Taxi Service in Porbandar At cheaper rates. Now, let’s read about some Best places to visit in Porbandar.

1- Sudampuri: –

People generally know Porbandar as the birthplace of Gandhiji. But before Gandhiji was born, Mr. Sudama was born in Porbandar. That is why I started with Sudamapuri, not Gandhi’s birthplace, Sudama’s birthplace. Sudama was the supreme friend of Shri Krishna. The temple is completely dedicated to the friendship of Sudama and Shri Krishna. This unique temple of Sudama is not in any other state or city of the country except Porbandar. This temple of Porbandar is the only Sudama temple in the country. Sudama was a scholar of the Veda-Purana. Sudama and Shri Krishna’s friendship was so unbreakable that people still remember their selfless love. Looking at the Sudamapuri temple, you will remember all those moments of friendship of Shri Krishna-Sudama. This temple was built by the Jethwa dynasty from 1902 to 1907.

Today, through this article, we will give you a divine vision of the Sudamapuri temple. You will be enchanted by the divine vision here. Statues of Krishna and Sudama are in an attractive pose in the temple premises. Which is the center of attraction for tourists. There is a small maze in the temple. All tourists enjoy this maze. The idol of Shri Krishna along with Sudama is also installed in this temple. With a visit to this temple, your Porbandar journey will be enjoyable and fruitful. Therefore, whenever you come to Porbandar, do visit this temple.

2- Kirti Mandir-

Kirti Mandir is also one of them Top 10 places to visit in Porbandar Attracts pilgrims coming to the city. ‘Yugpurush Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in this temple. He is the great man who freed the country from the British by walking on the path of truth and non-violence. This three-storey building of 22 rooms was formerly Gandhiji’s residence. But now this building is a museum and you will have memories of Gandhiji’s life here in this museum. This building is known as ‘Kirti Mandir’. There is no idol of Gandhiji in this temple. Because Gandhiji did not want anyone to worship him.

Therefore, there is no idol of Gandhiji in this temple. There is also a Gandhian library and prayer hall inside the temple. In this temple, you will see many oil paintings related to the life of Gandhiji and Kasturba. Hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists visit here every day. The place is particularly well received by those who support Gandhian ideology. Apart from Gandhian ideology, this place is respectable for all our countrymen.

3- Sri Hari Mandir (Sandipani Vidyaniketan) –

Sandipani Vidyaniketan is a spiritual school. It is in this complex that the cleanest and beautiful temple of Porbandar is ‘Sri Hari Mandir’. The temple is located in a village called Ranaghav, just 2 km from Porbandar Airport. This temple is also famous as the Sandipani Ashram. This temple built on a high platform is a wonderful piece of architecture. The credit for enhancing the beauty of this temple goes to the beautiful gardens here. After dusk, when the temple is focused with lights, the view of the temple will make you feel yourself. For darshan, you will find idols of many deities in this temple.

4- Ghumali Ganesh Temple –

The oldest temple of Porbandar is ‘Ghumali Ganesh Temple’. This temple was built in the early 10th century. This temple still stands strong today. The Ghumali Ganesh temple is mainly dedicated to the first worshiper Shri Ganesha. Built in the 10th century, this temple is a marvelous piece of architecture. Located 35 km from Porbandar, this temple is a place of reverence for history lovers and religious people.

5-Hazur Mahal-

For the top 10 places to visit in Porbandar, Hazur Mahal may be one of the best. The palace was built in the European style in the early 20th century by Natwar Singhji. The special thing about this palace is that its roof is made of wood. Despite the wooden construction, this palace still stands very firmly. This palace is very spacious and beautiful which attracts huge visitors from all over the country.

6- Satranji Choro Mahal-

This palace was built by Satranji Choro. Therefore, another name of this palace is ‘Satranji Choro’. This palace looks like five palaces in Fatehpur Sikri. Because it is open from all four sides. The main purpose of building this palace was to stay during the summer holidays. This palace built in Rajput style is a center of attraction for tourists. This palace looks very attractive and you can easily find it by booking. Cab Service in Porbandar At the cheapest rental rates.

7- Wardha Wildlife Sanctuary-

Others are located 15 kilometers from Porbandar on the Bardha hills, but the distance traveled is about 60 kilometers. If you are a nature lover then this place is a good option for you. There are many types of wild animals in this sanctuary. Like butterflies, lion, chinkara, sambar, crocodile and chameleon, rale, leopard, wolf, spotted eagle, snake and crested.

8- Jamwant Cave-

You all know Jamwant, it is the same Jamwant as the Treta and Dwapara Yuga in Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is the same ancient cave where Krishna and Jambuvan fought for 28 days to confront each other. Even today, the story of the war between Krishna and Jamwant is inscribed on the walls of this cave. And thus, the experience of going to this cave will be completely new to you and will be a different experience. The distance of this cave is 17 kilometers from Porbandar and is a spectacular sight for visitors. The particle of this cave tells the history of Treta and Dwapara Yuga.

9- Porbandar Beach-

Porbandar beach is the most beautiful of all the beaches in Gujarat. The beautiful and spectacular view here attracts tourists. For beach lovers, the location is nothing less than a paradise. You can enjoy adventure sports like scuba diving and water surfing, sailing and rowing. You can also ride a camel here. The natural environment seems very attractive during sunrise and sunset. Apart from the Porbandar coast, there are many beautiful beaches here.

10- Nehru Planetarium-

Finally, you can visit the Nehru Planetarium. Nehru Planetarium comes in the list of top 10 places to travel in Porbandar. This constellation gives viewers information about various planets, stars and celestial bodies. Despite all the above, the Nehru Planetarium of Porbandar may be the most preferred place for children. It is 2 km from the planet city. Many shows run here all day.


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