Planning A Road Trip This Summer Vacation? Take A Look At 8 Travel Safety Tips Here

Many parts of India are in the grip of heat wave, especially the North-West and Central region. Planning a road trip this summer requires a safety check not only for yourself but also for your vehicles as well as exposure to intense temperatures can make you fall ill and damage your car. But don’t worry, here is a list of checks that you need to do before you go on a trip:Also read- Travel Tips for Air Travelers: 7 Simple Ways to Avoid Painful Long Flights

for car:

1. Check Head-lamps and Tail Lights Also read- Re-creating Dil Chahta Hai! Bombay to Goa – a quintessential road trip straight off the bucket list

It is best to check if all the lights in your car are in working condition before you head out. This poses a safety hazard, especially on highways when your headlamps are the only source of illumination. Non-functional or not fully functioning lights are a risk not only to you but also to others on the road. Also read- This Kolkata to Varanasi road trip takes you through 3 states. Are you ready?

2. Check Engine and Fluids

Top up your engine oil as it helps your car run smoothly. The other option is to ditch the engine oil and use a more heat-resistant grade that is designed to maintain its viscosity, and reduce wear and tear under extreme operating conditions. A good quality coolant is one of the most important fluids for your car to get through the heat to keep it from breaking down. Also get the fluid levels of the power steering, brake and transmission units checked, as these can be potentially weak links. ,

3. Check Tire and Air Pressure

Good tire pressure is essential on a hot day to keep your pavement from eroding because soft rubber is more prone to damage. On bad roads, this can even cause tire bursts. So, during the summer, make sure you increase your tire pressure by 3-5psi and keep a close eye on your tyres. Also monitor the condition of the spare tire and the air pressure.

4. Check Air Conditioning

If you do not want to bake in the scorching heat, then the most essential facility for road trips in summer is an air conditioner.

5. Check wiper-blade, windshield

Test the washers a few days before, if they don’t clean your windscreen properly, replace them as it will save you hard times during unwanted weather conditions, if any. Patch up the broken windshield or replace it to prevent any damage.

for self:

1. Wear Sunscreen and Sunglasses
It is important to protect your eyes from the strong rays of the sun to help you see better while driving. Sunscreen is equally important to protect against the harmful rays of the sun which can enter through the windows.

2. Pack a Survival Kit
In case of any unforeseen event, it is essential to pack some essentials to plan ahead. Plan the worst by packing the survival kit in full:

– water bottles
– Non-perishable snacks
– First Aid Kit
– Flashlight and extra battery
– jumper cables
– flares
– Tools for changing tires
– Cell phone, charger and spare battery

3. Get a good night’s sleep
There is no excuse to completely unwind and sleep just the night before you start your trip. It is advised to start with a fresh mind, drive carefully and enjoy the journey.

With this, hopefully, you will be all set to start your road trip and be prepared to avoid any mishaps along the way.


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