Qantas Airline to offer air tickets at massive discounts to boost travel

With the upcoming winter season in Australia, the country’s national carrier Qantas is planning to launch hundreds of ‘point planes’ that will provide travelers with cheap domestic flights to enhance travel within the country.

The program is the latest attempt to balance the airline’s frequent flyer sheet as customers have accumulated massive points during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, the airline introduced a “Green Tier” program that awards repeat flyer points to customers based on their permanent choices.

From June, passengers traveling between Australia’s capital cities will get a 30 percent discount on booking economy seats. Additionally, 1,700 “point planes” are set to be launched, where every seat can be purchased using frequent passengers. Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said on Monday that the programs will help boost tourism across the country in the coming months.

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“We have seen a huge increase in demand for regional travel since the start of the pandemic and these point planes will help thousands of travelers exploring regional Australia this winter.

This means that jet-setters can pay 41 Australian dollars (about US$29) to fly between Sydney and Townsville, a small town in the Australian state of Queensland, when used in conjunction with points. is done.

The most recent data from Australia’s federal transport research body, the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics, showed that domestic aviation is still well below pre-pandemic levels.

In February of 2022, 2.69 million passengers traveled domestically, up from 1.87 million in February of 2021, but less than 4.6 million passengers in February of 2020 before the disruptions due to the pandemic.

(with inputs from ANI)

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