Rahul Gandhi remembers father Rajiv Gandhi’s love of flying, ‘big regret’

Rahul Gandhi is sitting in the plane with his father Rajiv Gandhi.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visits memory lane during a visit to a photo exhibition on his late father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, in Delhi on Thursday. In a video – “The Joy of Flight” – which has been shared on YouTube, he can be seen talking about his plane and the common passion he shared with his flying father.

“It’s the most beautiful plane and it’s the first plane my father flew commercially on,” said Mr. Gandhi, pointing to the picture of the DC-3 plane. The exhibition featured several photographs of Rajiv Gandhi in and around the aircraft.

Rahul Gandhi, looking at a picture of an Airbus A320, said that one of Rajiv Gandhi’s “big regrets” was that he left the airlines and could not fly the bigger jets.

Rajiv Gandhi was a commercial pilot before joining politics.

The 51-year-old politician also recalled that whenever he was with her in a plane or helicopter, her father would put her in the cockpit. “He used to ask me about all the equipment and other details,” he fondly reminded.

He also drew a comparison between a pilot and a leader. “You know pilots have a very special ability that comes from their training, and it’s their idea, that you have to get up to the details in the cockpit from 30,000 feet of vision. If you track the details in the cockpit If you lose, you run into trouble. And if you lose track of the picture at 30,000 feet you are in trouble,” said Rahul Gandhi, who is also a trained pilot.

“So, a pilot, and I am one, we move through these two places very smoothly and very quickly … His (Rajiv Gandhi’s) work was constantly moving between these two perspectives and always understood that Was that imagination can bridge anything so that was a very powerful thing for me that my father had.”

He also told about his uncle Sanjay Gandhi, who died in a plane crash on June 23, 1980, while flying. He recalled that his father had warned his uncle against flying that plane. “It was a Pitts. It’s a very aggressive aircraft. My father told me, don’t do it. My uncle really didn’t have the experience. He had roughly the same number of hours as 300-350 hours,” he said. Mr. Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also recalled how worried his mother (Sonia Gandhi) used to get whenever Rajiv Gandhi went on a flight. “She’ll be worried, and she’ll transfer that worry,” he said.


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