Rain in Vidarbha: Saints in Vidarbha

25 cows including farmers died due to power failure, both were taken to Kalmeshwar

Nagpur: After about two weeks, on Wednesday night, it rained in the entire Vidarbha region including the sub-capital. A farmer died in Khirdi in Korpana taluka, while 25 cows died in Amalana lake due to electric shock. Traffic has come to a standstill on Chamorshi and Gadchiroli routes due to landslide on Gonvidpur drain in Gadchiroli. Due to incessant rains, 38 gates of Chinchdoh dam have been opened. The rains that started on Wednesday night lashed Nagpur, Vidarbha, Wardha, Yavatmal, Amravati, Chandrapur, Akola, Washim, Buldhana, Gondia and Bhandara. It crashed in Wardha and Yavatmal districts on Wednesday night. Two farmers died due to electrocution in Yavatmal district. 26 goats and a pair of bullocks died due to electric shock in Wani taluka. Be it on Thursday or in the rain, it takes the form of thunder in the capital. Around 82 habitations on the Kalmeshwar-Gauri road were hit by rain and two were washed away in the drain. At the same time, the rain has given relief to the farmers.

Although it had started raining in June, there was not much rain this year. It was raining intermittently, but the wait for the monsoon rains continued. For two consecutive weeks, rain turned its back on Ukada. In many cities of Vidarbha, the temperature had reached 40 degree Celsius.

Both got washed away in the drain on the Kalmeshwar-Gauri road.

Nagpur: An agitation was held on the Kalmeshwar-Gowari road to demand the height of the bridge, pending for many years. But due to the negligence of the Kalmeshwar Municipal Corporation administration today Ra. K Annaji Nimbalkar (52) and Madhukar Shinde (40). Gauri was hit by the flood along with her two-wheeler. These were the first two victims of this drain.

Both were going to Kalmeshwar in a two-wheeler that suddenly got washed away in the flood. A search operation is being conducted by the State Disaster Management Squad. The police searched for the two, who were taken some distance away, but could not find them.

City Council chief Smita Kale also visited the spot. At the same time when people surrounded him, he took out his feet from there. The demand for the height of this Nala bridge was being made in the newspapers for many years, but the government and the city administration ignored it. Due to their carelessness, both of them became victims today.

This drain comes under the limits of Kalmeshwar Municipality.

Chamorshi-Gadchiroli road closed due to landslide on Gonvidpur drain

Chandrapur / Gadchiroli: It is raining heavily in the district since Thursday morning. The rain has brought relief to the farmers. A farmer died in Khirdi in Korpana taluka, while 25 cows died in Amalana lake due to electric shock. Traffic has come to a standstill on Chamorshi and Gadchiroli routes due to landslide on Gonvidpur drain in Gadchiroli. Due to incessant rains, 38 gates of Chinchdoh dam have been opened.

Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts were receiving heavy rains for the last five to six days. The district received rain with thunderstorms on Wednesday. As a result, the cotton, soybean and rice crops have been revived. Warlu Ramteke (44) of Lakkadkot died due to power failure at Khirdi farm. Meanwhile, it is estimated that 25 cows that came to graze in the lake area died due to electric shock. However, the road from Chamorshi to Gadchiroli has been closed for traffic due to landslide at Gonvidpur in Gadchiroli. Traffic on this route was diverted towards Kunghara-Potegaon road, informed the district administration. Due to heavy rains in the district, 38 gates of Chinchdoh dam have been opened and water has started flowing.

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First published on July 9, 2021 at 2:26 pm

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