Shastri to Pant: Batting in ‘Russell Mode’

If Rishabh Pant One who wants to be at his best as a batsman and help Delhi Capitals through the rest of this IPL, needs to bat in Andre Russell “mode” without thinking too much. This is the simple suggestion of the former head coach of India Ravi ShastriJoe also believes that Pant can be a match winner if Capitals use him at No.

“I think once he gains momentum he shouldn’t change, he should be in [Andre] Russell adapted to this format of the game,” Shastri said on ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time Out. No matter who the bowler is, if you have to smack him, smack him. Who knows, more than you guys expected. can win the match.”

It has been a disinterested campaign for Pant, much like the Capitals, who are four points behind the top four, having registered five wins and six losses in 11 matches so far. Pant has reached at least 20 in eight of his ten innings in the campaign, but has not converted any of those innings into fifties.

Shastri believes that the clarity of mindset that distinguishes Russell as one of the most destructive batsmen in the shortest format will serve Pant well.

“Russell is very, very clear in his mindset. Once he is in the mood it is bang-bang-bang. There is nothing stopping him, not even a negative thought that will peek through their system – it is [all about] The smacking Rishabh is fully capable of playing that style and I hope he thinks so because you will see some special innings from him in T20 cricket.

“No matter who the bowler is, if he has to smack, smack him. Who knows, you may win more matches than people expect”

Shastri’s advice to Pant

Those particular innings in his early years are what set Pant apart as a batsman with a tremendously high ceiling: he averaged over 45 in 30 innings in IPL 2018 and 2019 and 1172 at nearly 170 (average 45.07, sr 168.88) Scored runs. Nine with scores over 50.

Since taking over as Capitals captain in 2021, however, Pant has had two medium campaigns in varying capacities. Last season, clearly stuck in his approach, he ended up with a strike rate below 130; This year, he is scoring over 150 but has failed to start and give in to match-winning efforts. Shastri doesn’t think Pant needs to exercise restraint on his stand. “He’s starting up and then freaking out in a way that he won’t like, but I don’t think he should change his pace.”

“Rishabh Pant is almost at his best when it comes to carelessness, and we’ve seen him play some extraordinary innings when he continues to take teams down time and again,” Vettori told ESPNcricinfo. t20 time out After the Capitals’ latest defeat – 91 runs chastise Chennai Super Kings’ 208-run chase at the DY Patil Stadium on Sunday.

It was the fifth time out of seven attempts where the Capitals lost – with a target of 172 to 223 in those defeats – and Pant’s scores in those games read 43 (29), 34 (17), 44 (24), 44. (30), 21(11). While some of these matches demanded an approach of hell for the leather, there were others where the equation was within the grasp of the Capitals – against Gujarat Titans. Pune, when Pant fell, they needed 54 runs in 36 (chasing 172), and lost by 14 runs; when he got out vs. Lucknow Super GiantsThe target of 196 was boiled down to 76 from 43 balls, and the Capitals eventually lost by six runs.

With the likes of Lalit Yadav, Axar Patel and Ripple Patel often batting as high as No. 6, it has not helped, and perhaps this has prompted Pant to put a lid on his uninhibited batting approach. which remains his strength. Shastri, however, said that Pant should understand that the entire burden of finishing the work is not on him.

“It’s a team game, you don’t expect a guy to try and win the game all the time. But in that short amount of time, if he does damage, there would have been enough damage to bring that required rate to 12 per over. It’s up to 10 overs. Then it’s up to the rest to take it home.”

In their remaining three matches, the Capitals face a virtual win-win scenario. To deliver the best of Pant that will power the team’s batting, Shastri has identified a clear path for his former ward. “I want to see him bat at three for Delhi Capitals, especially now that the heat is on, when they have to win. Let him go and smack it.”

Both Shastri and Vettori agreed that Pant was on the verge of turning the corner. “He’s threatened, I think he’s threatened in every game,” Vettori said. “We have discussed whether he is out of form and I suggest because of his strike rate – against pace and spin, still over 150 for both aspects – that he is close to putting up such a big show. I think big innings can still happen in these last three games.”

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