South Korea Opens The Borders For International Travellers

For all the travelers who are dreaming of visiting South Korea, here is a chance for you. The Prime Minister has decided to remove all COVID-19 related travel restrictions for foreign travelers without vaccination from June 8. Along with this, many other restrictions have been removed for international passengers by air.

However, it has a slight twist. The government has made it mandatory to carry a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result before entering the country. Along with this, you will have to get PCR test done within 72 hours of arrival.

According to reportsPrime Minister Han Duck-soo said, “While until now there was a 7-day quarantine obligation for non-vaccinated foreign arrivals, regardless of their vaccination status, such requirement would be abolished from 8 June. He also Mentioned how the Covid-19 cases are finally under control in the country.

Han referred to the removal of any aviation laws imposed at Incheon International Airport from June 8. This will be done to ensure that flights operate immediately. Presently, due to the current restriction of flights and flight operations, several issues have come to the fore like shortage of tickets, lack of facility and increase in the prices of tickets. To prevent this even further, the Ministry of Tourism has planned to add 100 to 300 flights. The country had put very strict covid-19 rules and regulations which lasted for 26 months.

Not just South Korea, many other countries have opened their borders to allow international travelers to explore the country. Countries such as Italy and Germany have reopened their borders to international travellers.


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