Swiss Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter Puts The Spotlight On Climate Change — Here’s How!

Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter transforms buildings and natural formations from around the world into works of art. He is best known for launching an iceberg in Greenland that shed light on climate change. the artist talks Travel + Leisure India & South Asia About their process, first project in India, and more. by Simran Gill

excerpts from a conversation with gerry hofstetter,

T+L India: From investment banker to helicopter pilot to artist, how has been your journey?

Gerry Hofstetter: Since I was a little boy, I wanted to explore many things and do different things. I’ve always followed my dreams and visions, and my intuition told me what training would be good to help keep me on the right track.

T+L India: At what age did your love for the visual arts begin?

Gerry Hofstetter: When I was 15 years old, I made pictures in oil and sold them for very good money. That’s when I discovered the art of creation. When I was 32, I told myself, “Now you have enough experience to start your own company and communicate through art, design, events, and films.” With the development of my light art, I simply combined two of my passions—travel and events—and added light and colors to transform them.

T+L India: What has been your most memorable project so far?

Artist’s projection of Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain during the global lockdown.

Gerry Hofstetter: During the global lockdown, as a solidarity campaign, I lived alone for five weeks at the bottom of the Swiss mountain Matterhorn in Zermatt. Every night, I draped this iconic mountain with the flags of various nations that have been hit hard by COVID-19. I also hoisted the Indian flag on the mountain.

T+L India: You have created installations related to climate change and global warming. Tell us about them.

Gerry Hofstetter: i have gone Antarctica Twice and seven times to guess on icebergs in the Arctic. The first time I was in the Arctic, an iceberg was about 110 meters above the waterline. Now it is about 70 meters. We have to work.

T+L India: what kind of traveler are you?

Gerry Hofstetter: I go with the flow, I observe everything while traveling- weather, people, nature, animals and cultures. It gets me in the groove to handle unexpected situations and ensure that my team and I successfully complete the desired light projection.

T+L India: How was your experience of showcasing your art at the Embassy of Switzerland in Delhi?

Gerry Hofstetter: India is the land of light and colours. and mixing these lights and colors with the elements of Switzerland It was a live process, which I really liked.

T+L India: Can you tell us about your establishments at the Embassy of Switzerland in Delhi?

Gerry Hofstetter: event on Swiss Embassy in New Delhi It was my first one in India. The theme was “Bringing India and Switzerland together through Light, Colour, Music, Food and Dance”. It integrated elements from both countries into a night of culture and mutual friendship. I plan to visit India more often to discover this land of soul, colors and light. This fascinating country offers a wide variety of life and nature. I want to project light art onto some incredible monuments and landscapes here.

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