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New Delhi [India], May 14 (ANI/PNN): Without the right destinations to travel, life as a traveler would be so monotonous as to be deprived of Google search results. Perfect destinations exist in a variety of forms and styles through the length and breadth of this vast world. Each destination has its own style, a type signature, and that’s what differentiates one from the other. A traveler travels for various purposes, broadly identified as business or leisure, but have you ever traveled to enjoy the love for off beat destinations?
Jazeera Airways Travel Material Rewards2022 very well presented Opportunities for travel influencers For travelling Off-Center Destinations in IndiaAnd we’ve compiled a list of some of the amazing people discovered by the winners of the awards, Aamir Wani (@kashmirthroughmyeyes) of Kashmir, India.
With over 150,000 views and 10,000 votes, Amir won and was given a wonderful opportunity to travel to 6 cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kochi. He started his journey from Jazeera Airway’s Delhi office on 6th April, 2022 and completed it by 18. During the trip, he visited the following off-the-beat track spots in India:
traveler’s opinion
1- Delhi:
Tomb of Adam Khan:
The monument is a massive mausoleum with stunning arches, and you can even see the Qutub Minar from here.
Madhi Mosque:
Hundreds of birds fly in the courtyard early in the morning and this is special to me, it was the spiritual energy that I felt here.
2- Mumbai:
Ballard Estate:
Amazing stories can come right around this little corner of the Ballard Estate where we can escape all the hustle and bustle while indulging in wonderful colonial architecture.
Bhuigaon Beach:
Bhuigaon beach in Vasai is one of the most serene and serene beaches in Mumbai.
3- Hyderabad:
Badshahi Asurkhana:
The interiors are stunning with beautiful tile work and carvings. Definitely the most amazing building in Hyderabad in my opinion.
Gudimalkapur Flower Market:
I found the traders very friendly and really like to be photographed. So, definitely a photographer’s paradise.
Qutb Shahi Tomb:
I have never seen such a huge tomb with over 30 tombs of the Qutb Shahi dynasty and each one of them being uniquely built.
4- Ahmedabad:
Grandfather Harir Nivar:
Who could have imagined that even such a utility build could be done given such an elaborate setup! It was my first time looking up from the inside of the stepwell.
Jagdeep Mehta Heritage House:
The fact that one can stay in this family-run heritage house was what I loved the most.
Sarkhej Roza:
The perfect blend of Indian Islamic architecture can be seen here.
5- Chennai:

East Coast Road:
Watching the sunrise on one of the beaches on ECR-Nemeli was probably the best sunrise I’ve ever seen.
6- Kochi:
Jewish Cities:
Unique little streets, antique shops, spice shops – everything was just a beautiful experience to visit.
Coder House:
Staying here was such an amazing experience, I felt like royalty. I loved the deep red color of the building which made it look beautiful from the outside and the beautifully preserved wooden interiors where one feels that time stands still.
During the trip, he took various editorial shots that also deserve your attention.
1- Adham Khan Tomb and Madhi Masjid- New Delhi
Adham Khan Tomb, also commonly known as the Rest House, is a Mughal-era tomb located near Qutub Minar, Delhi. Because of the labyrinth inside, it is also called the maze.
Madhi Masjid is a 15th century mosque which is a magnificent relic of the Lodhi era.
2- Ballard Estate and Bhuigaon Beach – Mumbai
The Ballard Estate hosts the offices of shipping companies and the Mumbai Port Trust’s headquarters at the Port House.
Vasai’s Bhuigaon beach is one of the very few peaceful beaches in Mumbai that city dwellers have access to. This beach is known as the ‘Untouched Beach’ as ​​it is nestled in the interiors of Mumbai’s suburbs.
3- Badshahi Ashurkhana, Qutb Shahi Tomb and Gudimalkapur Flower Market – Hyderabad
Badshahi Ashurkhana is an Asurkhana near Charminar in Hyderabad, India. It was constructed to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, and is used during the mourning period of Muharram.
The Qutb Shahi Tombs, built in memory of the late kings of Golconda, are magnificent monuments that have withstood the test of time and the uncertainties of nature.
Gudimalkapur flower market offers cheap prices for almost every flower and is sold in bundles. You will find a wide variety of flowers like roses, tulips, daisies and many more. In this market, you will also find bouquets and beautiful floral arrangements at affordable prices.
4- Dada Harir Ni War, Sarkhej Roza and Heritage House – Ahmedabad
Dada Harir Ni Vaar was built around 500 years ago during the reign of Mahmud Begada, Dada Hari Ni Vav is a stepwell. It is not only designed to store water but also serves as a resting place for passengers. This is proof that water conservation was thought of in history as well.
Sarkhej Roja An impressive landmark, Sarkhej Roja is one of the finest examples of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. More popularly known as the Acropolis of Ahmedabad, it houses the tombs of saint Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, Raja Mohammad Shah Begada and his queen.
Heritage House is a beautiful place with a great host. It is a one of its kind detached house and is situated very close to the railway station.
5- Nemeli East Coast Road Beach – Chennai
Nemeli East Coast Road Beach is an ideal getaway located on the ECR Express Highway in Chennai.
6- Jewish Town and Coder House – Kochi
The Jewish Town is a narrow lane between the Mattancherry Palace and the foreign Synagogue. It is famous for the antique shops around it.
The Coder House has been host to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Viceroys, Ambassadors and other prominent dignitaries.
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