What is Indian Railways doing for a smooth travel amid heavy Mumbai rains?

Amid heavy rains in Mumbai, Indian Railways is working round the clock to ensure that local train services run smoothly and passengers reach their destinations on time. Railway is carefully planning and executing the work due to which Western Railway is able to run train services with minimum disruptions.

“Committed to ensure uninterrupted service…! Railwaymen are working hard round the clock to ensure stable service to Mumbaikars so that they can reach their destinations safely and on time,” read Western Railway’s tweet.

Sumit Thakur, Chief Public Relations Officer, Western Railway said, “The target was carefully followed to ensure uninterrupted services amid heavy rains and Western Railway completed the work ahead of time.”

He further added, “Works like cleaning and siltation of culverts, drains and drains, cleaning of rubbish and garbage from the side of the tracks, construction of additional waterways, installation of high powered pumps, trimming of trees were completed on the mission code. were,” he continued.

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Here are some measures taken by Western Railway to ensure uninterrupted services:

– Over 1.55 lakh cubic meters of debris cleared at 28 locations. This was done by deploying specially designed Mack Special trains, BRNs, JCBs etc.

New drains and manholes were constructed to facilitate the flow of water. 55 culverts and drains up to 50 km were cleared of silt.

Within the railway premises, flood prone areas were identified and precautionary measures were taken.

For the convenience of the passengers, the Western Railway officials are in close touch with the municipal bodies for arranging local transport for the passengers.

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Monsoon patrolling was carried out by 11 patrol teams and 8 bridge guards to monitor the condition of the tracks.

Waterways were constructed by micro tunneling in Vasai Yard, Nalasopara and Bandra-Khar section.

204 high capacity water pumps installed in flood prone areas near tracks and various water logging sites have been identified.

More than 2000 trees have been felled while 20 vulnerable trees have been cut to keep the tracks clear.

Drone surveys were conducted at more than 23 locations to monitor, clean and identify choke points in culverts and drains.

– All EMU rakes were inspected and attended for monsoon.

To ensure uninterrupted train travel for commuters, railway officials continue to monitor all rail corridors as orange alert continues in the city.

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